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  1. well i'm fishing only for fun.. and i can't get any job because most job require 30 day old in SL ._.
  2. well i'm just starting fish hunt lately and i want to know guys how much can you earn from fish hunt??
  3. thx guys for all your help really appreciate it
  4. so i think not to depend to much in this world to get income lol maybe just make some friend will be better
  5. and i hear you can get a job here.. and get real money from it?? is that true?? and if true is that easy to get a lot of $ in just 1 month??
  6. so just do what you want to do then.... and what's wrong with calling this game?? a lot of people disagree or?? ._.
  7. Hiya guys o/ I'm new here and i don't know what should i do in this game because it is so complex game... do you have any tips for me?? so i can keep going ;)
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