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  1. This. $15.99 a month is about the going rate for this type of subscription in a typical MMO. I'd pay $15.99 to LL in a skinny minute to be able to have my alts on one account and sharing inventory. I have that in on of the major and most well done MMO's. To be honest I've shifted a lot of my in-game currency purchasing to that same MMO. All of my characters share housing (full control of all properties) and inventory. All bound items are shared between all characters. All inventory, including premium items I've purchased are shared. I can wear the same premium pieces of my wardrobe on more than one character at the same time. All in-game currency purchased items are shared between my twelve characters. I'd love to see this in SL. I'd pay more for my monthly and most likely shift all of my spending back to SL.
  2. LL needs to publish a plain speak version explaining the changes *in the announcement*. Not everyone reads pages of forum posts. LL needs to clearly state how much and what type of accounts are charged the inactivity fee and whom is impacted. Is it just those accounts that process credit? Or is it accounts that buy lindens as well? Is there to be another charge in addition to premium membership? Are alt accounts that have never had payment info charged a fee? I buy a good bit of lindens twice monthly. Until these changes are made clear, I won't buy anymore. If I make purchases, they will be direct from Marketplace. I'll keep my two premium accounts but I need more info. I feel really bad for the content creators. I think they will bear the brunt of these changes. 😥
  3. I'm curious as to what this information is based on. If this comes from a reliable source, I will have to be more cautious about how much money I spend in SL going forward.
  4. Just for giggles, I tried logging into Sansar and it is up. It's fun to look around and explore. Give it a try
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