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  1. Hi everyone, I've seen one post before. Someone that rigs for 10$/body but can't find her no more. Well, I'm looking for a rigger for clothes (lowpoly and simple) that I made. I prefer a one time pay per body. Hope someone can direct me to the right person or if you can do the job let me know. This is for a long term job. Thank you **Please contact me inworld via nc. I don't really check replies here often. Thanks again. ☺
  2. Hi, Im looking for a texture creator. A decent texture would be great. I can do the meshing and rigging but not a decent clothing texture that shows the soft light and shadow. I saw your MP link and I love your work. I'd be thankful if you can contact me inworld with your rate for the job? Thank you so much. Mhayakally Resident
  3. I have a full perm floating AO. holla is you still need one (mhayakally resident)
  4. If you are still looking for one, I have made a similar chair before. 1 land impact, 3 LODs same with the highest LOD, lowest LOD to 0. physics got the shape of the chair. I can give it to you in full perm if you still need it :) Just let me know inworld (mhayakally resident)
  5. We are a new original themed monthly event in Second Life and we are looking for an EVENT MANAGER needed for the event. EVENT MANAGER REQUIREMENTS: 1. Preferably MALE but FEMALES can also apply. 2. Updated avatar with mesh head and body (no freebies) 3. With professional connections 4. Hands-on to the job and task/s given 5. Can work professionally with the team and the owner/s 6. Result oriented and finish a given task in a timely manner 7. Trustworthy JOB ROLE: 1. List and Invite designers to the event (with the help of some knowledge and information from the owner) *tasks will be given one at a time. For now, we just need someone to help out with the listing and inviting. SALARY: We offer 2 types of salary. 1. Commission based for the 1st 2 months (L$500/invited designer) get up to L$25,000 2. Fixed Weekly rate L$2000/week basic pay for the 1st 2 months (chance of getting up to L$5000/week after the 2 months probationary period) *If you have a better pitch, let us know. If you are interested and you know you are a great match for this opportunity, you can reach Isaacii Resident inworld via notecard with the following information: SL NAME: EXPERIENCE/S: SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES (Flickr & Facebook) We will be reviewing your application and we will contact you for an interview (chat).
  6. Even if its no modify, but the fact that its copy and transfer, better just ask for the full perm. Either way, still the same price for a custom model.
  7. I know a little about blender but I'm more on Maya. Would that count?
  8. Custom Mesh Artist for hire. •All Non-rigged items starting L$3000 -full perm -textures included -dae included Message me inworld for inquiries and custom works: Mhayakally Resident
  9. If you are still looking, I am available t do it. We can talk about the fee. I can make all that (shelves, pebbles, glass) with textures. You can contact me inworld : mhayakally resident Thank you
  10. Hi, I am a new mesh creator looking for work. Softwares I use: 1. Blender 2. Autodesk Maya 3. Zbrush 4. Photoshop What I can create: 1. Cloth Modeling (Maitreya, Slink, Belleza Jake, Signature) 2. Cloth Rigging (Maitreya, Slink, Signature) 3. Furniture (Home, decors) 4. Bento Poses, Simple Animations 5. Texturing (Baked textures, Photoshopped) If there's a decent paying job that I can take, please let me know. I prefer a notecard inworld (Mhayakally Resident), I don't check the forum often. **No Commission work/Exchange of Services**
  11. Looking for a custom made mesh? Mesh Logo Mesh Kiosk Mesh Signs Mesh Furniture I offer 3 packages starting from L$1000: 1. Bronze Package *Full Perm + AO maps 2. Silver Package *Full Perm + AO Maps + Textures 3. Gold Package *Full Perm + AO Maps + Textures + Dae Files (Download Files) Contact me inworld: Mhayakally Resident
  12. Hi I am Mhayakally Resident and I am a Freelancer. ✪Photographer ✪Graphics Artist ✪Interior/Exterior Decorator ✪Others I'm looking for a freelance job or an extra income opportunity. I cannot do a daily work as I have RL job as well. Please contact me inworld: mhayakally resident
  13. Are you looking for an interior or exterior decorator for residential or commercial spaces? I am Mhayakally Resident, an experienced interior and exterior decorator and a mesh creator as well. I usually spend my time decorating, organizing things and customizing some mesh furniture for selling or for custom needs. If you need a great help for your space, let me know Send me a notecard inworld and we can talk about it. Thank you
  14. Looking to hire Mesh body and standard body Rigger for a new original clothing store. Please submit portfolio/samples and rates to Mhayakally Resident Inworld. Thank you
  15. I am Mhayakally Resident and I am a professional freelance photographer. If you want a decent photo done you can send me an IM or notecard inworld. Please see photo rates below: Headshot: 500L$ Half body/Whole body: 1000L$ Couple: 1500L$ (discounted) Advertisements: 1500L$ (provide your own model) - 2000L$ (I will provide pro model) See samples below
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