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  1. I don't think Willow can do much about ordering the Lab's triage list Ayesha. Accept her advice with good nature as it was given. I have seen the "cross talk" you speak of on my estates too. Normally a manual reboot or two will fix it. Rarely - very rarely - a ticket to the lab asking the region is moved to a new server fixes it for good. It's nothing to do with the "power supply bus".
  2. R$50 is about US$13... but paypal won't be using the current rate and will charge you more. Can you buy a smaller number of L$?
  3. Only some Australian debit cards work. Your Australian debit card will need the Visa or Mastercard logo on it. This sort of card won't work: This sort does work (In Australia) If it has the mastercard/visa logo your savings account will also need to allow a small grace amount and allow you to make your account go into negative (not all Aussie banks allow this grace amount, some refusing the charge outright if your account went negative - these cards won't work) From there make sure your country is set correctly and the name matches perfectly. You may also need to talk to the bank to make sure they allow authorisations, their "falcon" team can help you there. All of that is still hit and miss though, I get the feeling all the Aussies using debit cards are only able to do so due to some weird international banking thing that doesn't work for everyone. Don't want to use paypal, then use Skrill. You can upload USD into your verified skrill account and pay teir with that. Takes about a week to set Skrill up.
  4. I do agree that something like a skybox would be hard to cam into.. but I have seen this happen at least once a month in my travels on the grid. The most likely time you would see it is if you've parceled off the adult's bedroom in a family home. People who enter the unparceled parts of the family home will see those in the bedroom before the house rezzes/parcel flags are downloaded. It's only 1.5 seconds (I guess depending on your network's bandwidth). If you've cached these people they are fully there and naked. As to the other, I got the words wrong it's "block parcel flyover" on the region tab. That does extend ban-lines from ground to 4096 meters.
  5. No fly won't work, it's trivially bypassed. Yes, you can block teleports. Enable the option in region control that says "Prevent Overfly" then the ban lines go effectively to infinity (more like 4096, but it's as good as) add an orb that bans anyone over 4096, there is no need to be higher then this. But even this is not perfect. Anyone who teleports into a region can see into privacy protected parcels for about 1.5 seconds.
  6. Caitlin Applewhyte wrote: I was so excited about the news that there will be in increase in prims for FREE from Linden Labs! What a great gift LL has given. But that excitement quickly disappeared when estate owners got greedy! PLEASE! Not *ALL* estate owners got greedy. Correct your words. Some did, but most of us - including me - passed the bonus on fully. And do you know what, I wear the loss in exchange too - 248 to 260 now - I have not increased my rents to cover that shortfall. Caitlen, hun, some advice for you: If you don't like how your current agent is dealing with you find a new one. There are hundreds of us, really. Some have battery farm estates where they crowd as many people onto a sim as they can, some have themed communities, some have pre-landscaped, some offer the cheapest possible price. If you look around you will find someone who rents something perfect for you.
  7. chibiusa Ling wrote: I understand that they are trying to push mainland a little here by giving them an extra 2500 avaiable prims over a full region, but, do you really think thats going to encourage more people to buy a mainland sim. A private full region will be able to be be taken to 30K prims for USD $225/month total cost soon. But no, people who want a mainland region are not doing it for the frew extra prims, they do it for the lifestyle. chibiusa Ling wrote: Looking at the facts : A. Mainland is a extremely laggy place, always has been always will be B. Trying to find somewhere on mainland that is cheap and affordable to buy as it is A. Very wrong. Sorry. Mainland is no laggier than a private region. Turn your draw distance down. B. You can find land for LIN $0.5 sqm. But you just need to look for a while. On the other hand prices can reach LIN $90+ sqm around the Blake Sea. Regions selling for LIN multi-million are not uncommon. chibiusa Ling wrote: Ok you save 100usd a month on tier i get that but you dont get access to region controls, as i stated above mainland is hella lag ridden, you barely get any terrain controls, its highly overpriced by the residents who own it and if you simply rented privately you can aquire your land by just simply paying your first weeks tier. Surely they should have just boosted private regions to 22500 alongside mainland. What do you guys think, do you consider mainland worth it? Your statement mainland is laggy is incorrect. Your statement mainland is USD $100 a month cheaper is mostly incorrect (Grandfathered private regions are USD $195 a month, or USD $225 a month for 30K prims) The benefit of a private estate is that you can Control who comes in Offers the highest privacy possible in SL (which isn't much) You can terraform how you like and not just +/- 4 metres You can control the windlight region wide You can set the water level to any height you desire You can hide your ban and access lists from prying eyes The Lab had to give the people on Mainland something - they can't do any of that. So they get a few extra prims instead. chibiusa Ling wrote: Surely they should have just boosted private regions to 22500 alongside mainland. What do you guys think, do you consider mainland worth it? The resident now has two choices, each slightly tailered to their own needs. It's a good situation.
  8. Wallace Wirefly wrote: I believe that if LL would offer Homesteads to people who want to buy WITHOUT having to own Full region they could pull in more revenue. No, it would mean Estate Agents pull out of the market. That will hurt the Lab's bottom line in increased support, in chasing delinquencies, and in marketing. The need to own a full region is a barrier to entry that ensures there is (probably) enough knowledge in the person and also that if they don't pay on time they lose a very large sum of money. The loss of just a homestead is not a biggie in terms of dollars. The loss of a full region and homestead is more likely to sting enough that people make sure the funds are there before time.
  9. That's correct. There is no risk on last names. Nothing personal can be gotten from that.
  10. They are all great answers above. You really need to audit the weight of your attachments one by one and see which are blowing you out of the water. 80K-120K should be quite fine and will allow most people to see you (A few people using very old computers won't, but it's not a great loss) If you use Firestorm you can also turn that annoying message off, their site has the commands. Get your av to about 80K-120K (very doable) - turn off the annoying message - and then it's just like nothing changed.
  11. Innula Zenovka wrote: "I see that LL have cut the price you pay for land by n%. I hope this means you'll be passing at least some of the reduction on to me." We saw that with the buydown: "You will pay $100 less to the Lab now, so you will reduce our teir by $100 too now? Yes?"
  12. But unless it's set to no-mod people can copybot it. :smileylol: !QUIT !QUIT !QUIT !QUIT
  13. ChinRey wrote: JenWartooth wrote: Really!!!! You wouldn't know were any of these so called honest realtors are hiding. My land is themed so it may not be suitable for everybody. But if what you want to make fits the theme (British small town/rural), contact me and we'll see if we can find room for it. Two other serious realtors I wouldn't hesitate tor ecommend are Beethros Karas and Prokofy Neva. I agree, Jen would be a perfect tenant for Prokofy Neva.
  14. ChinRey wrote: It took Bianca Linden only two and a half hours to process the case and remove the ban lines. LL has really started to get their mainland act together recently. Each ticket that Bianca Linden handles for me is always done efficiently and to my satisfaction. She is a great Linden to deal with.
  15. wherorangi wrote: Rhonda Huntress wrote: Invisiprims are dead now. It was a glitch they left for years anyway but they were finally "fixed" not log ago is some good news about invisiprims in the latest release viewer LL have re-fixed invisiprims. Invisiprims work again now. I havent tested it myself yet, but am sure the boat people will be pretty happy to get the water out of their hulls again http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/ Oh thank the makers for that news, maybe 6 months and it will be in Firestorm! It's no fun being a neko captain and having wet paws because the water is leaking into the boat - and his crew is too busy trying to wave others out of the path, rather than bucket the waters over the side. I wonder if they fixed the bug that created invisiprims if you alpha some worn mesh though. That's an annoying one, especially as it makes some hair look super weird.
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