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  1. Hang around places that interest you, with people you think are nice and be friendly and chat to people. Be cheerful and nice. If there is a Domme there she might take interest and invite you home. If it goes more then 1 night, trial with an agreed end date and then enjoy the time and see if you click together and she can fill your needs and you hers. When your trial over decide if you want to commit more permanently. I'd really not recommend you start with your own sub until you have experienced the other side of the collar for a few years. When the time is for you to be dominant you will have learnt where to find people, and how to deal with people in this game.
  2. I wonder if Ebbe will recycle the 15 for 15 Display Names and BOM promises into 16 for 16? (from what I have seen of the 1950s on youtube, I am glad I wasn't born, the closedmindness, racism, sexism , and -phobias would have led me to slap people repeatedly.)
  3. And, after making coffee, you can always have a bit of fun and play with tentacles (disclaims this vertex monstrosity as unoptimised 10 minute mesh made for this post)
  4. Tested it now and yes, you are correct. If you try to manually use any character not in ASCII-7 on a script name the viewer makes it's error clunk/beep. Even simple EU characters like ü,ö,ë,ç,ñ are not allowed.
  5. I have been in SL since mid-2006 on an alt. From January 2007 until 2010 I wore collars (that alt still has the original collar he wore then too). Inside the collar menu from the unupdated 2007 object there is nothing in the menus or commands to do with reading IMs. There is nothing in the notecard of instructions to do with reading IMs. Based on the actual collar from 2007 existing in my inventory, I am not sure your memory is correct. A decade is a long time and some of my memories are definately bad. It could be possible that someone was stretching the truth to make their control of someone else seem more god-like. This wouldn't be the first time that someone has claimed impossible things can be done with RLV to a submissive, or a friend, to improve their standing. One more thing to disprove it, the TOS restriction on sharing IMs has always existed. this is trivially checked on archive.org, which has copies. Any TPV developer who allowed RLV to expose IMs to the collar would have been disciplined by the lab faster then they could compile the source. A hacked viewer can do this if YOU run one, but then, if you are running a hacked viewer that's an opt in thing and it's well known by you that it's there. It's not something that is hidden and exposed by a script without you knowing. Edit: One further point in this... the source code largely exists in GIT and other such repositories. It *is* possible to examine the viewer and RLV patches from a decade ago. We could put the argument to bed with such an examination, but I don't think it's so necessary, as the collar I have in my hands doesn't mention this feature.
  6. LIkely for the best, Imagine Patch Linden with huge set of horns! (or tusks or whatever they are called on mammoths)
  7. My main suggestion for the Lab to fix FB in it's products is, "grep for all FB integration and purge it completely".
  8. Mmm, I was thinking US$20. The higher fee might suggest that there is a slice of manual work involved rather then being automated. It's getting towards what we pay to move/rename regions.
  9. Me too. Sims are: Which of course is trademarked, so the Lab likely were "asked gently" to "plz stop using our IP as a term in your documentation kthnzbai".
  10. Some of the little plastic balls in the ball pit got hidden by the darned cardinals!
  11. Because, the story goes, some 16 years ago Phil Linden made the descision to store last names in the user table of the database as a number, with that number used as a lookup key into a seperated surname table. So you are not really stored as Madison531.Resident, you are stored as Madison531.1023 or similar. There is another table, so the story goes, that converts 1023 into the word Resident. True or not, I am not sure. But it matches the restriction we now see.
  12. Would you trust your front door key to a lump of putty? The fault is the viewers for chosing a poor encryption key to store the list of account names.
  13. It is a good thing, although the message is vague, so there will be a lot of angst in the coming years on the forums "Why can't I buy xyz from a merchant i abused!!!!!!11!!!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!!"
  14. I recall quite clearly, a video of one unnamed TPV dev with a heart bumper showing off the feature before it hit. When she was bumped the hearts would animate in the same fashion. I think that this exact video sparked the animated titlers. This TPV dev's was of course well written, unoffensive, and not so lag inducing as it was limited to only firing when she was bumped, but it was the spark, I think. I don't think it was unexpected, I wrote one myself from the idea in that video. Then I saw the lag when i ran it and binned it.
  15. All of this and... The Lab can (and have) change the rules without warning. These rule changes have the possibility to hurt or wipe out your "investment".
  16. It's like Déjà vu all over again! OP... any one of a hundred other threads on this, some even on the same page!
  17. A bit after Last Names?
  18. I am a long time proud owner of this bratwurst! Honestly, the outragerati are getting incredibly prudish as the years tick by. But the thing is the Lindens give in too easily to this sort of stupid crap and enable the prudes. That is bad for all of us. I also won't be surprised if these white knights force supermarkets to stop stocking chickens... because of the word for the male of that species.
  19. Yes. They can ban you for not standing on your front paws and whistling the CCCP national anthem.
  20. Lawless, pfft. Look, Pamela is completely correct. Region owners pay money to the Lab to create their spaces. In return for that large cash outlay they can decide who is allowed access to their space, and under what terms. They can kick you because they hate the way your tail curls or becuase you don't add -sama onto their names while standing on your front paws and whistling the old CCCP anthem as they demand. If you really want to create even more drama you can talk to the region owner, but sheesh, I hate that when people do this to me and all they want to do is tstir up trouble and ruin my day's fun. Taking Pamela's correct words further - if you were invited into your neighbors house and started dancing on their coffee table, you really should expect to be kicked out.
  21. As it's an affiliate vendor, I think you should send a message to the Lab and unreport it so that person doesn't get into trouble from your mistake. You should also remove your name and shame, that's against forum rules and can see your account sanctioned.
  22. So soon instead of soon(tm)? I hope so, but like Last Names and grid wide experiences... I think Oz set the delivery dates.
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