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  1. German Schrebergärten are cuter!
  2. Don't forget AI so you fully legerage the blockchain through the disruptive paradigm of gamifcation as a service via edge computing and cloud connected IoT apps.
  3. The houses are on a rezzer and can be swapped in and out as the tenant likes. That one you show is a bit tacky compared to the lovely B&A you show, but people are weird, at the best of times... it's possible some people will have a use-case for a tiny dog-box. Maybe they are residents who love living outside, so the house is nothing more then a prop. I am someone who prefers outside myself, my go-to homes for myself are the big Elf building from Compulsion, the + shaped home from Maven, and the pavilions from Trompe Loeil because they are all so open. If I were making my home on one of those parcels the house would be fully empty and all my LI would go into the garden. (I am assuming that there isn't an option of no-home) "Holiday Home" I think. "Country House" is a bit pretentious. Prok is an experienced and published translator, I'd actually love them to mention the correct translation, please .
  4. I keep thinking back to that gatcha cigarette, and matches thing in a real old thread when we first got the wonderful mesh LOD stuff in FS, that thread where the matches each had their own individual texture. This is the trouble with gatcha stuff, by and large, it's often incredibly unoptimised junk, and ideal to make your neighbors scream. Times like this one wishes the viewer had a robust occlusion system.
  5. If you are typing on a casted game, then the delay between characters entered is 2 * ping + the compute time to render that small area of screen, compress it, and send it, then decode it your side. This means if you type hello to someone the text lags significatntly.... using the 15ms to google and guessing 10% for overhead: H 33ms, E 33ms, L 33ms, L 33ms, O 33ms. From experiencing doing this in my job all day long, it's disconcerting. And of course, your ping time is excellent and will be different to someone in Hawaii or Alaska. The ping time to SL isn't comparable to this, because when you type HELLO it's local, and not sent to SL until you hit enter. Yes, for those with nothing, close to a datacentre the game can run from, it's an improvement over nothing, but is it usable as a main driver for long term use? Not sure there. In my job I hate it, even between my home and the main office. It becomes hell if I am going into Hong Kong, London, Berlin, New York. Sadly no. Data centres need cooling due to the nature, number, and horsepower of the servers. Your PC at home can happily cool to the ambient. There is also a lot of extra waste. Googles PUE is lowering, but it's still higher then home. https://www.google.com/about/datacenters/efficiency/internal/ Additionally when you finish with your PC at home then it gets turned off, unless you are an online sleeper. The servers in the caster's datacentre are running 24x7. Edit: And of course, the elephant in the room in this is bandwidth. According to their tests as reported by a number of news-sites, to get 1080p, 60 frames per second, requires approximately 25 megabits per second. In Akamai’s most recent State of the Internet report back in 2017, it claimed only one in five households in America could get 25 Mbps download speeds. So most people will be running on lower resolutions then 1080p. You can see this same effect with youtube and how often (especially at peak times of the day) it's impossible to look at the 1080p stream without buffering. I really don't see Stadia being much of a panacea for anyone, unless you are out and caught short and must use a phone. And in terms of that, the Lab have hinted they are doing initial investigations. One last thought, assuming SL becomes available on Stadia. Every single login you will start with a fresh cache and empty inventory. What will that do to the Lab's infrastructure if all those users are doing it multiple times a day? Will the asset/inventory servers grind to a halt for the rest of us as they spend time sending full inventories and caches to people on their phones?
  6. Ye cannae break the laws o' physics. Unless google put servers within 5-10ms of everyone then that service is unusable. Huge swathes of the planet will need to be dotted with server farms so people can play games, and those server farms use a hella-lot of power, from both driving the equipment and cooling the equipment. Temperatures in one capital city reached an astounding 44.5C here this year (thats 112.1F in American measurement) do we really want to risk further damage to the planet's environment powering thousands of server farms so people can play SL on their phones?
  7. Still in search, so unless that changes it's an admin hold or short ban and not a perma-ban. You need to keep lodging tickets and ask reasons. Also, be aware that sometimes your avatar gets stuck and will report "This account is unavailable until 2064, please try later" which is a bug. Have a friend/alt IM them in world and then try logging into a new region, over type home with "Aswan" (be aware it's maintenance time this second, so might be wise to try later!) Good luck. Bans and holds suck, but they are soon over
  8. If it does go around there it might open up some more viable (and valuable) CPP positions. The area around Blake is very much cartel locked right now, and the prices match that. I'd likely pay the US$500/year plus 10 needed regions to do it then.
  9. Are you seeking something?
  10. I think you are onto something Qie. I'd be surprised if the lab arn't tracking this. They would find some valuable metrics by how many people look and which houses they enter. At this point of SSP, to even rebalance in a few more houseboats before small town usa fills out everything.
  11. Possibly yes, but then you get that empty blank stare. "So it's like Discord then?", "yeah, but you can get married too", "ahh, so more like a kid's tea party", "well no, the bear sipping tea is likely Soft Linden who is a furry supportive of BDSM", "what's a furry", "Oh gawd, don't ask!"
  12. Likely start with 4096 or 8192M2 of land. If you can place it in an empty region without anyone else you will have an easier time, plus get lots of nice empty space around you. You also need a club stream, sometimes your DJs will have stream problems, so having something they can fall back on helps. If you plan on DJing you can likely share your own. At first, it's a learning experience as you try various things and find out what works and what doesn't. At the most basic work extremely hard to keep your FPS as high as possible, this means no blended alpha, and no particles. Having your club in the middle of an abandoned region helps with FPS as well. Consider asking your DJs to speak, a DJ who speaks will get more regulars then one who stays silent. Security is always an issue, so consider your rules, and how you will enforce them. Consider that "officers" are likely going to make up their own rules and destroy your club. It is a fact that less rules means more people. Guests hate being confined by a million rules. When/if you chose officers skip anyone who asks for the position. Those people are the ones least suitable to the job. The quality of your dances matters a lot. We've spent hundreds of thousand lindens on dances. (Make sure you get copy). An Intan is better then a TIS for heavy club use, but even so, install a TIS system as well with the same dances in case something breaks. Same with singles dances. Consider a lot of people love line-dancing (not as in Western, but where they all play the same animation in sync), so install pads, and also have a singles danceball that people can linedance on as well. Learn how to use your single's ball so you can kick off people who crash or (worse) jump from single to couples without stopping single. You need a schedule board and a DJ board. You also need a list of stations you can broadcast while there are no DJs. Then you need advertising. You've identified your audience a little, Goth - of which I also identify - so work out where you can get adboards, and also work on your parcel ad so people can find you in search. Spend time finessing the wording of the parcel ad so that your ad climbs the search list to number one. Your club name should be catchy and simple. Hmm, what else, ah yes... never, never, never, use the "show your DJ some linden lovin'" type lines. If people want to tip the DJ they will. If you guilt them into it, then they will run. Same with donations, let people who want to donate donate. You can ask your DJs to give a little of their tips to the house, honestly, they should. You will *never* make money from this, you will just bleed funds. So be sure you do it because you love it, not as a get rich scheme. And lastly. expect endless drama. Consider that an Alt might be wise to own the club, then you can hide from it sometimes. Oh boy, the drama. Edit: Expect your first 4 or 5 attempts to fail dismally. Took me 6 tries. I now run a rule that if my traffic is less then 1000 it's time to close up and try again.
  13. We are drifting a little off topic here, so I will say just this one post of the tangental subject, I'm in the same camp as Ms Winslet. I seem to have no problems picking up abandoned land, but I do treat it as a favour, so my tickets to support strongly reflect that. However, The lab have a rule they won't allow indirect claim bordering protected and such land needs to go to auction. But there are cases they skip this, I have bought roadside/1x protected this way. Some hints that might help you Hintswen; Say if you have a direct claim, indirect claim, or no claim to the land, this seems to save them work and helps in their triage. If you don't have a direct claim, mention what you want it for and how it will benefit the greater community. As an example, I needed some extra LI attached onto one of my mainland parcels, there were a few 32m2 abandoned parcels in the region, my claim was indirect. I mentioned that I planned to use the extra LI to beautify the region with trees (which was true, and I did, although not to 100% capacity, I held back 10) In your case, you say you were planning to hold them to ensure waterways were kept clear, state that of course to help your claim! I know you are always charming, but still, phrase your ticket as if they are doing you a favour! certainly list it as "very low priority" in your first words to help their triage. Good luck on your next attempt.
  14. I wonder if this might come down to a Realise vs Realize or Metric vs USA Measures type thing. North Americans using their own unique definition to the rest of the world? Oxford Dictionary definitions, top most entry 1. An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun. ‘the kids were playing a game with their balloons’ https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/game Collins doesn't have this top definition, being more of the Game = fixed goals. Maybe the whole argument of "Is SL a Game" comes down to one being of the USA or outside it? Edit: seems not, Mirriam Webster also list 1a(1) : activity engaged in for diversion or amusement : with the "having a goal and rules" being down at #3 on their list. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/game
  15. So, when you tell your kids to go "play a game or something with Barbie" to get them out of the kitchen, while you cook? Game has a far broader use then just "something with a defined goal"
  16. Governance storm troopers land in an old housing region, the tannoys blare an authoritarian voice ordering people to assemble at their front doors. Residents are rounded up street by street and taken in shiny black trucks to <0,0,20> like some distopian 1984/Farenheit 451 scenario. Rendition sees them dropped in a new housing area, little kid avatars clutching their Soft Linden bears as "welcoming officials" induct them into their new life. Governance, it's work done for the day, head back to the dungeon under the Linden Lab headquarters and open another 44 gallon drum of vodka as they return to the "My best friend called me a poopy head, so I muted her, and she started rezzing p0rn in my home" tickets.
  17. A notice, or chat in group? That group would be annoying as hell if it loads in 100 notices a day!
  18. Hmm, great question! Is human speech through a controlled bot, a bot. well, I do it through a bot. Interestingly, I can use him to IM people as well, my command something like "/im blush bravin Hi Blush!". And this, I consider might be a violation of the sharing IM rules hehe. On your question earlier, I think that a scheduled group notice might be a bit rude. I see that as spammy, and the Lab do discipline people for group notice spam.
  19. Main one for me is when I am offline, I can SSH to my server from my iphone, and issue a simple text command. One can't log into SL from everywhere, and sometimes being able to chat in group chat, or send a notice is ideal. But that's just me.
  20. Yes To neither of you in particular... The two spanners that make this intense focus on the minutiae a little silly. The lab have never been ones for stating *anything* clearly. And even if it's written in black and white, governance are inconsistant and likely to ignore what's written and to discipline for something else all together. So, they do normally turn a blind eye to misuse of this flag, and honestly, in the grand sceme of things, it's not a huge sin to misrepresent yourself as a "bot". The worst that can likely happen is your false, human controlled, scripted agent will be auto-logged out of a shopping event. In general, intense focus on the smallest "legal details" of this only serve to cause headbutting betweens people's stubborness. And that brings in Kirsten with her old lady animated GIF, which Maddy always sets on fire. I myself have had my "scripted agent" status set as active on all my main and my alts since it appeared. Not only because I am bit contrary, but I do prefer not to count on people's dwell as I run about doing my job.
  21. The joys of mainland, privacy screens, ban lines, and very narrow sailing channels. But it is a great place to sit and cam into people's creativity! Some of the worst outside build homes have lovely insides.
  22. It's neat, and it's "typical small town USA" that is really popular in so many private rental regions that open and close as they fight each other for rentals. For a lot of people this will be a far cheaper option then renting from one of the "typical small town USA" private estates. Overall it's a great improvement on the original housing continents, and I am sure there were a tonne of design and technical needs that had to be filled - for example some people being 15 feet tall while others are 5 feet tall. Well done Patch and your moles for pulling that all together. I wonder if FPS could be raised a little if some of the alphas on the trees are masked off? It's the prime trick I use on my estates to ensure everyone enjoys a lag free environment to rent in. Honestly, it wasn't so bad though in this preview as I only dropped to 16-20fps from my normal 80-120fps, and of course, we have to take account of it not being a completely valid FPS test as there are other things in that show. My one niggling concern is what happens to the FPS from this 20fps point, if a neighbor adds 300 LI of twenty-one 1024x1024 textured, LOD-hacked, high vertex, gatcha-obtained, shabby-chic knick-nacks in their houseboat 5 meters away. Is the covenant strong enough to lodge a ticket for lag abuse, get the lab in as you can on private by grabbing a manager, and have them pull the person back to un-lagged reality?
  23. A song we were taught in the Māori language in Primary School. Kia kaha, Aotearoa.
  24. Not at the level of the 1950s, when you take off the rose coloured glasses it was a decade that stood pretty much alone for post-war shortages, conflict, and hatred. McCarthyism and Red Panic in the USA and of course the Korean War in the first half and then the horrors of the Vietnam war in the second half. All the time while the cold war was ramping up and Europe was divided even more as a result of the USA/USSR tensions.. Additionally it was the decade of the Suez Crisis which caused some substantial issues in that region. The Algerian war started. The Cuban Revolution. The Kenyan uprising. The start of the Rwandan genocides. The Hungarian revolution also occurred. China "reclaimed" Tibet. Cambodian Insurgency.
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