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  1. Yes, teleports have been hit and miss for the last 12 hours. Mostly ok, but they are certainly failing. It's likely transient.
  2. Shudo

    SL for Android

    Because developers capable of writing an SL compatible game on an arm processor don't grow on trees. If the Lab do decide it's worth it, and do spend the money hiring someone, then it's still going to take many years to complete that project. Many years of a high waged developer plus all the benefits that go with that.
  3. Sadly no. This video is worth watching if you want to understand just a tiny bit more.
  4. Come on Solar, Don't be a Phil, it doesn't suit you. I clearly said public access moderate land, this means clubs and other places that people allow the general public into. Behind closed doors allows one to place sexual equipment into one's home, mature land aimed for public access doesn't fall into that policy.
  5. Confusing. By TOS, moderate public land can't have sex stuff out. So yes, if you had a moderate place you MUST only have safe furniture out or risk an AR.
  6. Looks like a trailer park (I think is the American term) Edit: derp was said on the page I missed!
  7. pretty much https://github.com/radegastdev/radegast
  8. Or you can just dig your own water channel down the side of Tulagi and open it up yourself.
  9. Yep, it used to be an issue. It's not really problem any more, I have a feeling that most of that crowd grew up and moved on to VRChat. My club and boat dock have been open rez for 6 years without a single real problem. But it easy to trigger some people, and knowing they can be triggered into a reaction will attract people. As premium only rez zones are no go, I think that rez-zones in the channel only are the best bet.
  10. Is that a *bad* thing? Seriously?
  11. It's not a perfect match, but two sided braided/shaved so mention it https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Action-Inkubator-Hair-Izzy-BENTO-RIGGED/15408573 Hair is chanagble between rings and spikes and none.
  12. To nobody in particular, and just for reference: Pre-windlight sunset circa 2006 (pre-eep) Windlight Sunset 2019 I am looking forward immensely to EEP, I hope that FS will be speedy in a beta when it's allowed!
  13. Pfft It just needs Patch/Grumpity/Ebbe to wave their magic Sailor Moon wands in sync! (Now I have visions of Ebbe in a Sailor Moon dress btw) Inserts typically naiive dumbo-user "this is easy stuff, Photoshop has a layer transform..." workflow suggestion that makes any typical developer cry, and any project lead try to steal some of Governance's copious Vodka supply It's very seahorse Rorschach like for sure!
  14. Nope, nope, nope... that triggers my OCD pretty badly! It has to be like this, Blush!
  15. Yes, but maybe less promptly, as only after governance finish another keg of vodka, and 15,000 "my ex-BAE said I was a ....." ARs. (Obviously I am joking, I used to own most of the Cha region about 5 years ago, so I did see a lot of this group, and they are mostly well behaved, apart from Marianne McCann who is a bit young to drive a battleship, she doesn't reach the top of the walkway guardrails)
  16. \o/ WWII games in the SSP ocean. The Japanese Imperial Navy could invade Smalltown USA.
  17. Yep, and that means the lab get even less money for that mix, so is worse off. The $237.50 is the most they can earn for a packed to the gills region. Balancing that is that there are a lot of $195 a month grandfathered/buy down fulls in the hands of the agents. And of course, as a bonus are the people they tip into premium who were free and landless before. Nice housing can do that. (edit: poop, I am messing up my post:like ratio private-game, I will stop talking for a while. Forums are addictive)
  18. That tiny home might be nice on the beach, as a beach shack. 25 plots per sim at US$9.50 each = US$237.50 vs $295 cut privately the same way. And yes, I am absolutely sure the lab have done the sums too, Patch and Grumpity and all the people there are pretty expert at the fine balance. Yep, our current crop of managers know their jobs pretty well compared to the dim dark days of 2010.
  19. badger, badger, badger, badger, badger Normally create an alt and run two viewers.
  20. Likely the opposite, it will make you seem paranoid. All your creations are protected under the Berne Convention and you have the USA's DMCA process to take down anything that people do copy (and it will happen) You get zero extra protection from anything else, except maybe a sneaky watermark hidden in your vertices .
  21. The channel is hitting the top of the continent and stopping there. The question then becomes will the lab add water around the edge down to the main internal ocean and Tulagi. Counting, it would need 19 extra regions to join Tulagi up to the channel.
  22. If they look normal front on, then it's going to be the invisiprim like effect of rigged alpha. What they are doing is removing the plants on the wall for those pixels. No cure I know of.
  23. Based on my estate, I pay 4:1 premiums. But I am not a cookie cutter, so have nice common areas. As an example to this 4:1 ratio, if I have 20 people renting, then I am giving the lab 80 x $9.95 of tier. They get US$760 from me, or US$190 from individual premiums. What throws this off of course, is parcel size. I have two 300 Prim parcels on my whole estate, the rest are much larger. For many people in my market 300 prims isn't enough (even when I link the house and trees outside into the common allotment, as I do) In that one preview region there are 25 x 1024 parcels, so it's a revenue of US$237.50, GF full region is US$195, so they make $41.50 more, but non-GF full is US$295, so that's $58 less. (assuming it's cut the same way)
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