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  1. Sounds like you need to do a very light smooth on your parcel. Open the landscape tool, via Ctrl-B and selecting the landscape too, not by rightclicking on the ground. This ensures the entire parcel is selected. move the strength all the way to the left so it's the weakest. Select smooth and click the apply button. Then you should be back to unjaggy. If not, repeat it. Ask your estate agent if they can "bake the region". Some might not, but some will.
  2. As you were told Solar is male, you could feel free to use the "He" pronoun from now on.
  3. I know you meant to write they. Solar's a nice enough guy all-in-all, he just doesn't tolerate idiots - which is fair enough.
  4. Not peeves as much as whys? As coffee points out. There is just something about a decade old avatar with a completely blank profile and NPIOF screams "I am an alt here in your region to do something I wouldn't dare do on my main". After that it's the porn filled profile, real life porn to near the top of the WHYYYYY list, but even SL porn filling people's picks is gauche. Then: "I don't do ....." statements be it Drama, @geplay, sex, boyfriends, collars.... they are red flags that the person does exactly those things. If you really don't do those things then there really is no need to tell people. And the statements of hatred. I had one person come into my club region with a statement that said "I hate short people and guys with tattoos". He was banned of course. His alts then started appearing avatar by avatar (easy to spot this person, he has been in SL for more then a decade, speaks "Englisch, German and Dutch" and always wears the same nasty freebee hair, plus always puts a picture of some woman avatar in his real life tab) so they get banned, and banned, and banned. Eventually he asks "why do you keep banning all my alts?" To which I happily reply "I am short, and I have a tattoo" Last: "Send notecards as my IMs are always capped" (when you know they are so nasty they have zero friends)
  5. Thanks, She has installed turrets that fire physical rounds at passing boats. Edit: Insane! There are 30 turrets on that 4K parcel to make sure nobody comes near her home. Edit 2: As I was filing the report she appeared - a tiny little Fae avatar - and turned off those turrets. Problem might be solved, it's worth trying in a few days.
  6. OMG. That's exactly how it should be done!
  7. Wasn't there discussion about the SL password being truncated at 8 characters a few months back? If my memory is correct in this, then even a 100 character password means nothing. Your password is John.Doe, your hash is 25604070f3f546dd9a63d90e2bb6fabc
  8. P@ssw0rd? One unnamed large company I sometimes need to log into uses this as root password on an important server. SSH root enabled too. Sigh.
  9. Yes, it is clearly griefing. Without naming and shaming please drop some hints so we can AR storm them.
  10. Yep. Context is all. Sadly, too many people can't see past the tips of the fingers on their size zero hands at the stubby end their T-Rex arms, and the Lab have clearly proven that they can't enforce this needed rule in a reasonable or consistent way. Although it's certianly lower then 7 or 8 or 10 years ago a lot of reasonable adults, people with adult, smoll sized avatars do get hate from the 9 foot tall giants. As Penny said, this causes paranoia in people that should not exist, and it clearly causes height orbs to be installed in adult regions to protect the region owner from being banned. Constant paranoia isn't fun. Especially when one runs a club, or runs around realistic sized. And heaven help those who decide to be Fae in petite avatars. Male avatars especially are still in an arms race to be the tallest in SL, to the point people are now setting their hover a meter over the ground so they can look taller. The problem of height difference really is pretty severe in a number of Gay clubs.
  11. Observing this for close on 13 years now I'd say "No Drama" statements are a bit like "No *****" statements; If you need to say it, then it's clearly an issue you stumble over a lot. In fact, I'd say that people who proclaim "No drama" in their profiles are by and large the biggest offenders for it.
  12. I have two collars in my inventory in anticipation for such events! But, then, as the Lab staff can only use the Lab viewer I am never going to be able to chat for very long before either of the not-captured-as-they-dont-have-rlv bluenamed ones just teleport off chuckling, to make yellow snowballs engraved with my name, for next Christmas' events.
  13. It can if you reply to a reply - then the private email address can appear appears and thus is leaked. If you reply to a reply always make sure you delete all the existing text, don't just hit reply and type.
  14. Yes, it is quite a strong sense of paranoia because the Lab are so ruthless about it. Outside of a single very rare case, people just don't survive this ban. The Lab nuke the recipient of the AR from space and without appeal. It's super harsh, likely overly so as it's trapping people who are not playing a child character. It's not well defined at all and for something that is account killing, it should have the i's dotted and t's crossed. As you say Penny, a realistic height avatar, made by someone who wants something close to their flatter-chested slim and hipped selves is going to find themselves in a lot of pain, or at least should be incredibly wary of any 9 foot tall white knights. Kids and Anime's have lived with this paranoia for a decade, and kids especially have weaponised the AR process incredibly well to ensure anyone they see as an enemy for the day gets deleted. Understandable for the kids, but the animes often do play lewd adults (except the American eye isn't used to anime so those white knights think all animes are kids too) Example: adult Erin from Attack on Titan vs Kid Erin from attack on Titan But right now there is a large surge of "Kawaii" avatars as they take out flavour of the month. And there is a huge surge of White Knights reporting those Kawaii avatars for being a child and undertaking sexual ***** when they head into adult places or do lewd things. http://seraphimsl.com/2019/03/23/fun-at-fluffy-kawaii/ Yes, it's always the land owner who gets the final say as what's acceptable, but on the other side of this, if people are running an adult venue and they allow in someone who a White Knight thinks is a child, then the Club Owner can be AR'ed and deleted by the Lab for facilitating *****. Paranoia is well justified. The Lab are ruthless.
  15. An Illusion of security is about the worst reason on earth for implimenting something. It's well studied and well documented. This is how it fails: The Lab impliment your idea to give creators a warm fuzzy feeling. Creators feel relaxed and make stuff. The news gets out - as it always does that this is just window dressing. The creators feel let down and angry, and they blame the lab. And this is the important part: They feel more let down finding out it was a sham then if the illusion they were protected was never there. There is no technical way to stop someone ripping a texture, either from BOM, or from mesh appliers as they stand right now... it's so trivial it's laughable. Don't give people false hope with illusions of security, you will only hurt their feelings.
  16. But not perfectly. There are some weird crashes and mayhaps my biggest gripe is this: Do you know a way to replace the tiny Windows 98'ish file selection box with a more gnomish one? That Windows 98 file select is very difficult to use for people with 4K monitors, bad eyesight, or messy work directories... or all three. As a creator, I upload stuff *a lot*
  17. I would guess that the region crossing is affecting sailors. As animats clarified when we region cross we are unsat, teleported into the new one without the usual TP interstitial, then resat. With failing teleports hanging people would be disconnected and never know (no interstitial showing the hung progress bar) I am not as expert at the inner working as some other people, but I don't think it's EEP myself, likely some networking problem *between servers* the Lab are trying to locate and fix.
  18. DRM is problematic, the only way to check for ownership is with an external server, and that and leads to situations like we will one day see with "The Mesh Project". When those servers go dead the DRM fails and the product is broken. This makes people angry. If you want to stop sharing-by-mistake, then use the system that AvSitter and others use. If someone makes a mistake and puts a copy/transfer script into an object it errors immediately. It won't stop casual sharing, but it does mean you can then fall back on DMCA to deal with other cases, you've made sure nobody gets them by mistake, so it's only conscious sharing then.
  19. Making custom, one-off, mesh landforms for one of my regions. Today a single piece of mesh path that is 50 meters x 50 meters with a 20 meter drop to go with the 1 prim pines from FelixvonKotwitz Alter's Nordic Forest pack. I will often do it this way as the terrain tools don't deal so well with sharp drops of more then a few meters.
  20. Patches face made me smile, he is a great person who engages with us a lot in world and in the forums. Like Grumpity he's a skilled product manager who works very hard for us residents. This project proves it. I thought I would share that smile the discovery gave me, and hopefully lift people's day with some more joy in what is currently a sad world. Fritigern, it's not a race to be first, and a lot of people do repeat finds. I hope I find something one day that makes you smile too, even if it was mentioned by 100 people on 100 previous pages, the smile is always worth it. All that said, if Blush was mortally offended that I repeated her find then I appologise to her for being so careless, tbh Blush is one of the many people I have always respected both as myself, and as my main.
  21. Yep, sadly I am one of those users. All my alts are affected. But I know can to fall back to the old logout and restart in the desired region method I've used for 13 years when it happens. This is SL If it's not shoes and hair in your Hintern, then it's a TP fail
  22. Yes, I had that "blocked" message a few times Whirly. Weird as one time I clicked closed and then the destination region snapped into view. Other times it just hangs a little way into the progress screen. If you cancel then everyone in the old region dissapears, and you have to restart. Restarting causes the "agent is not in region" error and needs 2 or three restarts more. A typical failure: 2019-03-26T10:22:17Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 57.30 2019-03-26T10:22:27Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 60.00 2019-03-26T10:22:37Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 60.00 2019-03-26T10:22:38Z WARNING #CoreHttp# llcorehttp/_httppolicy.cpp(434) stageAfterCompletion : HTTP request 0x33fae9f0 failed after 5 retries. Reason: Timeout was reached (Easy_28) 2019-03-26T10:22:38Z WARNING #CoreHTTP# llmessage/llcorehttputil.cpp(282) onCompleted : Possible failure [Easy_28] cannot POST url 'https://sim10484.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/d2d5f6bb-4cfb-9fbb-966d-6f46dfd6c976' because Timeout was reached 2019-03-26T10:22:47Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 60.00 2019-03-26T10:22:56Z INFO #Teleport# newview/llagent.cpp(5556) LLTeleportRequestViaLandmark : LLTeleportRequestViaLandmark created. 2019-03-26T10:22:56Z INFO #Telport# newview/llagent.cpp(4604) LLAgent::startTeleportRequest : Agent handling start teleport request. 2019-03-26T10:22:56Z INFO #Teleport# newview/llagent.cpp(5572) startTeleport : LLTeleportRequestViaLandmark::startTeleport 2019-03-26T10:22:56Z INFO #Teleport# newview/llagent.cpp(4457) LLAgent::teleportCore : In teleport core! 2019-03-26T10:22:56Z INFO # llui/llfloater.cpp(756) closeFloater : Closing floater worldmap 2019-03-26T10:22:57Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 60.10 2019-03-26T10:23:07Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 60.00 2019-03-26T10:23:11Z INFO #Mesh# newview/llmeshrepository.cpp(5405) metricsUpdate : EventMarker {'fetches':i0,'reason':'Mesh Download Quiescent','scope':'Teleport','start':r1553595776.986650,'stop':r1553595776.986650,'sys_cpu':r0.000000,'teleports':i4,'user_cpu':r0.000000} 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO # llcommon/llmemory.cpp(155) logMemoryInfo : Current allocated physical memory(KB): 4323KB 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO # llcommon/llmemory.cpp(156) logMemoryInfo : Current allocated page size (KB): 0KB 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO # llcommon/llmemory.cpp(157) logMemoryInfo : Current available physical memory(KB): 4194303KB 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO # llcommon/llmemory.cpp(158) logMemoryInfo : Current max usable memory(KB): 4194303KB 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO #AssetStorage# newview/llviewerassetstorage.cpp(612) logAssetStorageInfo : Active coros 0 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO #AssetStorage# newview/llviewerassetstorage.cpp(613) logAssetStorageInfo : mPendingDownloads size 0 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO #AssetStorage# newview/llviewerassetstorage.cpp(614) logAssetStorageInfo : mCountStarted 1 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO #AssetStorage# newview/llviewerassetstorage.cpp(615) logAssetStorageInfo : mCountCompleted 1 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO #AssetStorage# newview/llviewerassetstorage.cpp(616) logAssetStorageInfo : mCountSucceeded 1 2019-03-26T10:23:15Z INFO #AssetStorage# newview/llviewerassetstorage.cpp(617) logAssetStorageInfo : mTotalBytesFetched 19709 2019-03-26T10:23:17Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 60.00 2019-03-26T10:23:18Z INFO # llmessage/llcircuit.cpp(1224) dumpResendCountAndReset : Circuit: 216.82.999.999:13006 resent 1 packets 2019-03-26T10:23:27Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 60.00 2019-03-26T10:23:37Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 57.00 2019-03-26T10:23:47Z INFO # newview/llviewerdisplay.cpp(239) display_stats : FPS: 16.20 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z INFO # newview/llworld.cpp(716) removeRegion : Removing region 262913.000000:252417.000000 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z INFO # newview/lleventpoll.cpp(153) stop : requesting stop for event poll coroutine <3> 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z INFO # llmessage/llcorehttputil.cpp(1186) cancelSuspendedOperation : Canceling yielding request! 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z INFO #Messaging# llmessage/message.cpp(1542) disableCircuit : LLMessageSystem::disableCircuit for 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z WARNING #Messaging# llmessage/message.cpp(1581) disableCircuit : Couldn't find circuit code for 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z WARNING # newview/llworld.cpp(694) removeRegion : RegionDump: TheStartRegion 216.82.999.999:13006 { 262657.000000, 252417.000000, 0.000000 } 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z WARNING # newview/llworld.cpp(700) removeRegion : Agent position global { 262903.809073, 252521.317580, 2399.286768 } agent { 246.909073, 104.417580, 2399.186768 } 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z WARNING # newview/llworld.cpp(704) removeRegion : Regions visited 2 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z WARNING # newview/llworld.cpp(706) removeRegion : gFrameTimeSeconds 3762.827148s 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z WARNING # newview/llworld.cpp(708) removeRegion : Disabling region TheStartRegion that agent is in! 2019-03-26T10:23:48Z WARNING # newview/lltoastalertpanel.cpp(184) LLToastAlertPanel::LLToastAlertPanel : Alert: You have been logged out of Second Life. You have been disconnected from the region you were in. It's been failing for about a week, but quite a bit worse today. Around 50% of teleports are failing now
  23. I've found that Gynoids/Androids (and other associated nomenclature used by those playing such characters) are a lovely warm group of SL'ers. Wonderful on a cold winter's night, especially when their cooling fan fails or a devious owner pokes a matchstick into it. (I own an android, so I am biased)
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