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  1. No, they don't care. They never have, and they never will. Look at the 14 meter wide channel in the new SSP area and you see nothing changes. This road and many more have been like this for 16 years. Countless complaints, all ignored. Nothing will change, the Lab are useless as they fill our skies with black stars and plonk down yet another unfinished continent.
  2. If only that were true. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tethys/195/72/92 I've derendered the road for this photo so you can see. It's now abandoned, but a previous owner had ban lines here. I lost count of the number of times they caught me. There are quite a few of these in Prime Granite, and a few more in Snow.
  3. A Youtube on "imposter syndrome", something I really suffer from. I grew up in a family of artists, and although I do keep telling myself that I am just as skilled as them in my own medium, it's still hard to judge one's art alongside one's mother, one's grandmother, one's great grandmother, one's stepfather's art. Their work is published, they have the renown of their peers, they have travelled the world teaching, exhibiting and more. What have I done worthy in comparison? It doesn't matter that my mesh, my textures are seen and enjoyed by so many people from all over the world, doesn't matter that I am technically always trying to improve myself, doesn't matter that people give me compliments and buy my art - this is just a game, the mesh I make and the textures I create are just game assets. Not real art. Then I stop the self doubt and destruction and think - hang on, this feeling of inadequacy, this is exactly what makes me strive to be keep learning, to keep creating, to keep improving. Every day I see improvement in what I do, if I look at something of 6 months ago, of a year ago, of 10 years ago I see nothing but greater ability today, and I see how I could have done that older piece better. I hold my art up to my mother's glowing candle and I see the scribbles of a mere child compared to hers, but she has 30 years of art on top of mine. Just where will I be in 30 years? So, if I look at that work from a decade ago against something I create today and I focus just on my own improvement - that's the real benchmark. Imposter syndrome is hard, and it's so tempting to judge your art to other's standards. But you can't - you can only judge it against your own prior corpus.
  4. Method 1. 1. Use firestorm 2. go into fly mode 3. type 'gth 3500' in open chat, by itself without the quotes 4. type 'rezplat' in open chat, by itself without the quotes Method 2. 1. Rez a prim on the ground, make it the same size as your parcel. 2. Edit the prim 3. Type 3500 in the Z position (the top one) As to privacy, if it's mainland set up banlines and restrict it to group aceess. Banlines stop about 200 meters above and anyone can go above this, but be locked out from below. Be aware there is no real privacy in SL, people up on the platform can look inside the house on the ground and see people.
  5. However, should you shoot people who don't like rootbeer, I do suggest you don't then go on and shoot the puppies, no matter how you despise them. The SPCA can get pretty mean. Sometimes it's easy to write something and then have second thoughts. Foot in mouth does follow. Sometimes you can hide it, other times not. Short of the note method, having a trusted person to offload on helps. And if you do get caught out, just act with grace and try and move on.
  6. Oh, they ban. Trust me, they ban. Interesting fact: E.I.G.H.T. has a missing leg.
  7. It's true! and as you no doubt know Blush, when one gets a jackass neighbor, he will often seem to be gone in a few months. Maybe there is a good correlation between someone being obnoxious and then one day his plot turning yellow, with $50/sqm on it (for a week or two), then turning into abandoned land, it's certainly something I notice a lot.
  8. Skye has a number of Low Poly items made now. This is just one of them: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Skye-Xeni-River-Mountain-Terrain-Pack/15709632 (Low poly is the search term you want).
  9. Maybe the 2 lane highway was removed to reuse those regions to run around the edge of Jeogeot and connect up the Tulagi WWII area as requested in this thread? The new continent is 19 region tall, and that was how many regions were needed to go around the coast of Jeogeot. By the colouring of the thin channel at Gazaway and Queen Mary it's going to be shallow water as well as narrow.
  10. Googly eyes, along with bacon, duct tape, and WD40 are all the things that make the world fun!
  11. For anyone that missed them, some of his previous threads :
  12. Gosh no, I keep my lighting unique and secret. But does this mean nobody can take photos any more in my regions using their own sun angle? If so, sheesh, it goes from bad to worse.
  13. will not eat Brussels Sprouts! I mean seriously, they taste like blergh! What was nature thinking when she invented those?
  14. Yep, that's the biggest problem when anyone is given power. They start making up, and enforcing their own rules. Power goes to their head. It's been the death of far too many ventures in SL over the years as well. A mentor program can only lead to clique+abuse+other bad things.
  15. So, does this means that lighting objects purchased over the last decade will be broken? Or will you provide back compatibility to stop content loss? And, is there a fix for black stars please?
  16. What issues do you see in it ChinRey, honestly curious?
  17. Been sailing longer then you Animats, and yes, I know the work you were doing, I was testing your bike for a while. My handoffs are not really worse then anyone elses.
  18. Ping time into europe is 120-ish ms, so 240-ish ms return. Ping into Australia is 240ms, so 480 ms return. But I need to debunk your claim that these longer ping times make SL US-Centric. What a pile of absolute hogwash. Pings are what they are, so it's not like most people go from 10ms to 240ms each alternate week. How you see SL is how it's always been. Also, it's really not a PVP game. Who cares if your avatar takes 1/2 a second to stop walking after you lift your finger off W?
  19. I'd agree with Qie that Sandy's teleporters were likely the older WarpPos type being stopped for other reasons. No Object Entry should only prevent unsat on objects from passing and is very desirable to always enable, to help limit self replicating griefer objects flooding over the entire map. In the case of the lady with the huge number of turrets, some of those were shooting outside her parcel, they were sending physical objects into the channel that would hit the boat and push it slightly. The number and speed did indicate that it could push a moving vehicle to the edge of the world and off. To the owner's absolute credit she did come quickly while I was there, and disable the turrets that I was able to show were leaving her parcel and hitting the public area, so I do now think it was an absolutely honest and innocent mistake and not done on purpose. That area is now safe to travel, well as much as those old thin channels can be.
  20. I own an android, and have an alt as one too (males are androids, females are gynoids) Nanite Systems is in my opinion certainly your best bet as a start. They are a large, wonderfully friendly group of people and incredibly helpful. Open your map and head into the region called Eisa and just chat to people, make sure you join the group and start asking questions too. The control box is somewhat similar to a collar, but a lot more suited to droid-roleplay. It has a battery that discharges as you talk, speak, fly, walk and so on. That battery does need charging which is done as you stand on a charger pad. If you fail to charge and run out of power your screen goes black and you need to call for help. Normally a call for help in the NS group will get someone coming to you - of course... if you run completely out of power you can't actually talk any more hehehe. (so make an alt to assist yourself) It has a speech processor so that anything you type is dehumanised, and put out in green text, as a machine would talk. It has the ability to add an owner (all robutts likely aim to be owned by a human one day) and that owner will be able to program you to do and say things. I program mine to walk up and down the garden path on security patrol. The owner can also restrict some functions, like banning teleports, or stopping you speak. They are complicated, and you really need to read the manual, because there are a lot of things to understand. It's worth the study!
  21. There are always exceptions of course, and I meant no offense. I actually wonder if the sort of "obnoxious no-profile hornbag noobs with freenis" who need to read those statements ever read them. They are too busy with other things as they one-handed type "so, wanna sex" in their first IM.
  22. It then listed only one lady, along with a photo that suggested (from extreme breast size) she was was Ralph, a trucker from Idaho?
  23. Hmm, not really the world view. A person in Brasil is likely to call themselves a Brasilian and a person in Canada a Canadian. This is akin to a German not commonly saying they are a European but German, and a person from Algeria saying they are Algerian not African. To the outside world, I think it's fair to say that Americans only refers to the people inside the USA. Except, we are the only country on the continent, so it's a fair claim. If anything, we changed the name of the continent to the country name Terra Australis was the original continent name before first fleet. It's first people were, and still are the various Koorie nations who have been here for more then 50,000 years. So a little more then a "couple of hundred".
  24. I am not American nor do I speak American English. English might be the Lingua Franca of SL but trust me, there are more then enough people outside that country inside SL. People who are Bilingual or Polyglots so that as a result I'd say SL's culture is likely a touch more European then American. I believe in fact that all Europeans and Asians combined also outnumber the Americans. 90% of my friends list is not American. I am fast learning the German, French, and Japanese languages and do try to speak them as much as possible in world. I also spend a lot of time in German dance clubs and Japanese social regions.
  25. Interesting analogy. Maybe it's more like a plane, as they actually serve nuts?
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