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  1. Well in clubs and bars, but I love exploring jungles and Temples Indiana Jones/Lara Croft style I'm in world at weekends and sometimes at week, London timezone. I don't like to give out many details, because I like to meet the person and talk about that with them.
  2. Hello, I'm Daniel, I'm looking for a companion in sl. I'm looking for a companion to do something sexy and romantic. explore and hangout. I'm nice and I love to talk about almost everything. Thanks for reading and take care.
  3. I would like to be your friend, we can chat anytime you want, just IM me so I can add you
  4. I would love to join the guards in your barony
  5. Hi, I would love to work in Makalu County!
  6. Hi, i'm Gaio and i'm looking for a friend to have adventures and explore sl, I love sex, and would love to have a friend to explore with me and ***** in all kinds of diferent maps and ones, just for fun and adventure!!!
  7. hello, well i ain't a woman, i'm a man, but i love femboys and i would be pleased if i could meet you in sl, what do you think?
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