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  1. Well.. I can't really agree with you. You're basically saying "People are stupid and because of that, it's a bad idea". The same issues you're mentioning are there for mesh as well. People may create mesh that's not perfect, they may use their own mesh avatars instead of the standard avatar and people may get confused about it. As you do with mesh nowadays, you include a note in the product that it's a custom skeleton, include an optional note what bones it has. There is a very large incentive for using the standard skeleton because most of the products will be using that skeleton. If yo
  2. I recognize I'm late to the party, but this is clearly a step in the right direction to add more possibilities. I'm not sure it's entirely on topic, but it's about how I think skeletons should progress, so I think it's on topic enough. However I would propose that you make it possible to add a completely custom skeleton (mayhaps after this project is done). This will suit everyone's needs, regardless of what it is. There should be a list of standard joint and bone names or IDs that current animations and meshes will map to. But in addition to these, you could make whatever you want. Atta
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