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  1. I agree with @Cain Maven. I understand needing to find avenues where you can increase your profits, SL is a business after all, I'm sure no one can fault LL for needing to increase costs in places. However, the process credit fee was already raised once not so long ago and all of a sudden it's not only increased once again, but it's DOUBLED. 5% is a substantial amount (especially when cashing out larger sums) for creators who already pay for land for their stores, upload costs, marketplace fees and a fee for selling lindens on the LindeX Exchange before this 5% is even accounted for. It's content creators that make this platform what it is, it's what keeps people buying lindens to go shopping at monthly events, in our stores, on the marketplace, SL is a blank canvas without the creator community and it's the same community that I would bet keeps the economy of SL alive. So why does it feel like in recent times, creators are constantly being punished and given the short end of the stick for helping to make this world what it is? Going through with this could make many creators question the cost of their releases and make them put their prices up to account for these increased fees, or perhaps quit creating altogether with the way things are going lately, which would then disrupt SL's economy majorly and throw off this "balance" LL are trying to achieve.
  2. Hello! I currently have some free time on my hands and I'm looking to take in some new clients who are looking for graphics such as logos, posters and store ads for their business, land or whatever else you may need. Here are just a few examples of what I've recently worked on: https://i3.imgpile.com/i/QiIJg.png https://i2.imgpile.com/i/Qi17R.png https://i5.imgpile.com/i/Qi7yN.png Prices start from L$1500 depending on how complicated the design and payment is taken first. I'm happy to make changes, though I do not give refunds. If you're interested, please message me inworld @ WillCorrigan. Thank you. :)
  3. Hi guys, I’m working on a project that will require a hud that users can unbox items from, as well as a system where users can pay a kiosk and that payment will be split between 12 designers. I can go into more detail through IMs. If you think you’re capable, please contact me inworld @ WillCorrigan. Thanks a lot. :)
  4. BROWN BEAR RENTALS L$399 A WEEK SALE! HIGH QUALITY SKYHOMES WITH SEASONAL TEXTURES & LANDSCAPING  Get a free day's rent for every week you're here! Uses the trusted CasperLet system. Protected with CasperSafe Security. Uses Turnip Skydome for added privacy. Seasonal textures and landscaping. High quality mesh home. Unfurnished rentals include 230 prims and high quality mesh home. Furnished rentals include 130 prims, high quality mesh home and furniture with multimedia screen featuring movies, TV shows, audio, games and adult content. Come and check our available rentals here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Earl%20Island/177/87/3906 Or visit us at: http://brownbear.cf/
  5.   Brown Bear Rentals is a brand new rental business offering private and secure skybox homes that look stylish, high quality and are currently themed perfect for the fall season. Uses the trusted CasperLet system.Protected with CasperSafe Security.Uses Turnip Skydome for added privacy.Seasonal textures and landscaping.Unfurnished, high quality mesh home.230 prims to make it your own.TP into our office to see what rentals we have available: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Earl%20Island/177/87/3906 Or get the notecard here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Brown-Bear-Rentals-230-prims-L599-a-week-Private-Secure/10157511 
  6. Currently taking custom mesh sign requests! Hi, all! I'm a mesh creator that owns a store selling 100% mesh signs/wall art. I'm currently taking requests from clients who require a custom sign; this is the perfect opportunity for those that run a store and want to improve their brand identity, great for club owners to spruce up their space, or for any other in-world businesses. If you're interested in having me work for you, feel free to message me in SL at WillCorrigan and I can show you existing work and we can discuss prices and details. Thank you! :)
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