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  1. Honestly, my ideal is a full committed BDSM relationship for like a week, after which it's dropped completely. (Maybe staying casual friends and doing it again another time, or maybe just amicably going separate ways) but I don't know if that's the kind of thing anyone else would ever want. I never really got into Gor, even though I like roleplay and fantasy settings. I've never read the books, and the lore always seemed a little difficult to get into on it's own. And I dislike the gender essentialism stuff. I know people say that it isn't a strict rule, but it still feels like the assump
  2. Thank you so much! It's really encouraging to hear all of that! I'll def have to take a look at a few galleries and see what their applications are like.
  3. Hi there! My name's Core, and I really enjoy drawing scenery and avatars that I see in SL. I'd really like to share these with people, but I'm not sure what the standard way to do that is. Most galleries and whatnot seem focused on photograpgy (and tbh I'm not even sure how a person goes about applying to a gallery in the first place.) Also, I don't usually upload my drawings, because a lot of them are of other people, and I feel like it would be creepy to be like "hey i drew u can i post it on flickr?" Is there some kind of standard etiquette for asking to share images of someone
  4. It's short for asexual! Ace people don't experience sexual attraction to other people and usually aren't really intrested in sex for the sake of sex. In my case, I'm way more intrested in a story or scenario, and love bondage scenarios that don't involve sex at all. There's also sex-repulsion, which is when the act of sex actually makes a scenario LESS enjoyable.
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