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  1. So I baked a shadow texture (the one you put under your objects), it looks good so far I don't even need to edit the transparency in-world, everything is perfect except for one issue. The edges are showing bc, I guess the plane that I use to bake it on the software is too small even though it's pretty much double the size of the actual object. I edit it on PS but it ends up looking horrible.

    Any tips from the Pros?

  2. On 9/24/2019 at 12:57 AM, Chic Aeon said:

    If you bake a CYCLES texture (or the same idea in programs other than Blender)  it includes the AO (or equivilent) in the mix. That is what most of the popular designers do.  You would adjust how prominent  the AO  appears by the lighting set up. So likely you are using another method?  Another way to "bump up" the ambient would simply be to adjust the CONTRAST in a graphics program.  Maybe some screenshot examples would help readers understand exactly what you are asking. 

    oh you mean use the AO map in the material or turn on Ambient occlusion in the settings?

  3. On 9/23/2019 at 10:53 AM, ChinRey said:

    I think you answered in your first sentence. If they make the thing look better, use them, if not, don't. ;)

    Ambient occlusion will never look natural because it doesn't exist in real life. In RL they use something called the Fresnel effect instead and that's exactly the opposite - things tend to look lighter, not darker towards the edges.

    Sometimes you need a bit of accentuation to bring out the shape of the object though and besides, AO is necessary to give that lovely "hand drawn" feel that is so popular in SL.

    Thanks for the response      I do like AO it's just that they don't blend with my bakes sometimes, and with that I skip it but the problem is because I used AO in my previous stuff and then I look at them both, they look like they're not made by one person 😕

  4. 21 hours ago, OptimoMaximo said:

    The uv map squashes the texture in my opinion. The UV map was probably made without applying scale prior to unwrap. Try applying scale first and unwrap again, if its proportions change, that's the issue

    oh yeah, that's it     that did the job lol      thank you so much

    now the problem with the new UV map is that the texture on 512x512 is so bad

  5. I'm new to avastar and I use blender. I messed up the weight on one part of my model and now I'm stuck, long story short I ended up removing all the weight on that bone.

    My question is pretty obvious, how do I copy the original weight of that bone back to my model, but only that bone while keeping the rest of the weights untouched. I'm desperate for answers, I don't wanna have to redo the whole process. Please help me.

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