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  1. I finally figured it out guys. Thanks for all your help and the sample scripts provided. Bless you all
  2. I'm new with LSL scripting so I usually rely on existing scripts on MP. I need just a simple one, I click a button on a hud, it triggers particles inside a remote object, that's it. No idea how this can be done. A working script would be appreciated so I can study the codes too.
  3. You'd think there is, but why can't I find a script on MP that animates our avi on touch of a button. I want to make a hud that triggers the animation inside another object, that's it no menu, just a HUD button that triggers the animation inside a wearable object, anyone?
  4. Looking for a product photographer for sporty clothing style ad, much like Nike or the likes. To everyone interested, respond with your flickr/portfolio/website or contact iiianii in-world
  5. In detail, I'm trying to make my bar counter serve out a drink to anyone sitting on the stool. And also the animation has attachment props for the bartender so I want the props to disappear after the drink is served. Any idea about this?
  6. So I baked a shadow texture (the one you put under your objects), it looks good so far I don't even need to edit the transparency in-world, everything is perfect except for one issue. The edges are showing bc, I guess the plane that I use to bake it on the software is too small even though it's pretty much double the size of the actual object. I edit it on PS but it ends up looking horrible. Any tips from the Pros?
  7. oh you mean use the AO map in the material or turn on Ambient occlusion in the settings?
  8. Thanks for the response I do like AO it's just that they don't blend with my bakes sometimes, and with that I skip it but the problem is because I used AO in my previous stuff and then I look at them both, they look like they're not made by one person 😕
  9. Sometimes I feel like they look worse sometimes they look better. Idk what to do, should I still add a layer of ambient occlusion on top of my baked texture or not? What are you suggestions?
  10. oh.. oh.. oh thank youuuu didn't think about that thats a great tip!
  11. oh yeah, that's it that did the job lol thank you so much now the problem with the new UV map is that the texture on 512x512 is so bad
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