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  1. maaaan cuz the thing is it looks good on blender, but when applied to sl it's distorted. I wonder if there's a program that shows it accurately as if its applied to sl
  2. My devkits don't have a UV map HELP! it's hard to make tattoos without a test dummy
  3. learn it. it's better and I promise you that. at least try 2.80+ first and go from there
  4. I'm using the classic avi UV to make tattoos but the boob area is so distorted everytime I apply a tattoo. What should I do?
  5. yeah to play a non loop animation repeatedly
  6. Apologies if this isn't the right place for this thread, I just wanted to know if I can loop a pose on avisitter? if so, how?
  7. oh my Lord thank you so much Fritigern Gothly you the man for this!
  8. Well, I have a furniture with an option to change the texture. The script uses a listen function as it has a remote script and a receive script. The problem is when I rez multiple copies of the same furniture, and I try to change the texture of one of them it changes all the copies as well because they all have the same channel in the script. I only want the object i touched to change and not all of them. Receive script looks like this: default { state_entry() { llListen(123, "", NULL_KEY, ""); } listen( integer channel, string name, key id, string message )
  9. Thanks for all the response, I guess all I can do now is to tell users to turn off their AO first. Not the result I'm looking for. But that said, I saw some functions in the LSL Portal such as llSetAnimationOverride. Can I somehow use this instead to override whatever animation is currently playing on an avatar?
  10. Thank you for your answers, it helped a lot. I am now figuring out little by little certain codes and how to properly use them. Also thanks to the LSL Portal, with all you guys' help I'm able to make the script work. I still have a long way to go to completely understand LSL codes but yeah thank you!
  11. Hi again script experts. I have an animation with a priority that seems below (on upload) most AOs on sl. Problem is, this is the only animation I found that I need for this project. I'm stuck. When I activate the animation with the script it doesn't play over my AO and I have tried it with different ones. Is there a way to set this anim's priority to 4 with scripting?
  12. thank you for the response. I'm really new to scripting. I started a week ago. So please cut me some slack if my questions are gonna be basic. For long term of course I want to learn to script on my own from scratch. And for this particular script I can't seem to lead myself to the right direction. Which tutorials to watch for this specific topic, and what not. So if you guys know the best tutorials I would appreciate their links. Now, I get syntax errors whenever I try to solve this. Of course I know this isn't the full script. I just don't know how to set the timer, run time and st
  13. I can't quite figure out how to do this simple script, where I put multiple animations in a prim/button and the script will play them randomly when the button is touched. Anyone?
  14. I finally figured it out guys. Thanks for all your help and the sample scripts provided. Bless you all
  15. I'm new with LSL scripting so I usually rely on existing scripts on MP. I need just a simple one, I click a button on a hud, it triggers particles inside a remote object, that's it. No idea how this can be done. A working script would be appreciated so I can study the codes too.
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