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  1. I'm new to avastar and I use blender. I messed up the weight on one part of my model and now I'm stuck, long story short I ended up removing all the weight on that bone. My question is pretty obvious, how do I copy the original weight of that bone back to my model, but only that bone while keeping the rest of the weights untouched. I'm desperate for answers, I don't wanna have to redo the whole process. Please help me.
  2. Yes. Transparent prims that I made in-world so I don't know why it's doing that all of a sudden.
  3. So, I have two things I'm trying to link together a mesh (9LI) and the physics(8LI). When I linked them together, the combined land impact went up to 162. What am I doing wrong? Is this a glitch?
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