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  1. oh.. oh.. oh thank youuuu didn't think about that thats a great tip!
  2. oh yeah, that's it that did the job lol thank you so much now the problem with the new UV map is that the texture on 512x512 is so bad
  3. I need help with this, I've never seen this problem before. I tried everything, changing file sizes, fixed UV mapping, modifying the mesh itself and LOD nothing worked. I zoom out and this happens (left) any advice? I'm stuck and desperate for answers ;D
  4. I'm new to avastar and I use blender. I messed up the weight on one part of my model and now I'm stuck, long story short I ended up removing all the weight on that bone. My question is pretty obvious, how do I copy the original weight of that bone back to my model, but only that bone while keeping the rest of the weights untouched. I'm desperate for answers, I don't wanna have to redo the whole process. Please help me.
  5. Yes. Transparent prims that I made in-world so I don't know why it's doing that all of a sudden.
  6. So, I have two things I'm trying to link together a mesh (9LI) and the physics(8LI). When I linked them together, the combined land impact went up to 162. What am I doing wrong? Is this a glitch?
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