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  1. Would it be possible to connect the eyebrow bones to the eyebrow shape sliders in the hair base bodypart? As it is, there's no way to edit the shape of the eyebrows, but the bones and sliders are there. The behavior of the head stretch slider could use a bit of fine tuning as well (if time permits, of course) the slider currently only stretches the general area around the face, the face shape. It does not affect the nose at all and there is no other slider that can lengthen/shorten the nose vertically like this:  This results in a strange look when somebody uses the slider to make
  2. Since the sliders are being touched up this far into the project I thought I would inquire whether it would be possible to connect the eyebrow bones to the eyebrow sliders in the hairbase body part (where you can edit your system eyebrows)? Also, the behavior of the head stretch slider is not ideal. It does not lengthen the nose vertically resulting in an awkward look look when utilized to make the face longer (you end up with a long face and a vertically short nose) . With how the sliders are currently set up there is no way to lengthen the nose vertically, so for people who might wanna ha
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