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  1. hiya thanks for the reply! I didn't notice there's a reply. Well, I didn't purchase Carrara. I decided to go with Maya LT
  2. 1. I wish SL uses .fbx 2. When editing object i wish we could type G + x/y/z or S like we do in Blender. 3. I wish we could "Send to Second Life" from Maya just like what we can do to Unreal engine. 4. I wish to rent a land with winter/snow theme!! (Seriously, if you know someone who has it i want to rent. A land, not sim.) 5. Editing/texturing an object like what we do in Substance Painter/Designer LOL
  3. This is also worth a try i think. I just found it and gonna try it. But i'm going to take a nap now. NeoTextureEdit edied just found out it is not developed anymore. Well, i continue with CrazyBump
  4. If only you could make a youtube video explaination about it so it would be more clearly explained. Come in, Modo users! i use Modo, too, but i do home deco. I rig in blender.
  5. Hi all! Does anyone use Carrara Pro 8.5 on MacOS El Capitan? How is it doing for you? Any crash? I currently have ZBrush 4, Sculptris, Daz3D, Hexagon 2.5, AC3D, Maya, Marvelous Designer and Blender 2.77 and I'm thinking to purchase Carrara but I'm not sure about its development whether or not it will still do it good while MacOS is being upgraded. You see I have a few 3D softwares already, I'm a curious cat LOL and most of the time I use Blender and Zbrush
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