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  1. Syn, I do honestly apologize to you and others that my 'slow people' comment was not aimed towards. Thank you again, for your thoughtful responses to my inquiry. I will take all of this into consideration moving forward.
  2. Sighs... I guess I missed the topic 'Using the 5 Minute Demo Means You Think Your Customers Are Thieves' In all actuality, I just thought it was a really cool way to offer demos... I will take into consideration your suggestion on allowing modifications. Thank you.
  3. Actually, I have great customer service skills, but I am not a doormat. I started this topic asking for help. You chose to respond by insulting and attacking me. I simply reacted to your response. If you were wanting to actually help me, as a new designer, to better my customer's experience... you failed. That being said, I have received some very informative responses. Because of those thoughtful responses from the other contributors , i am now rethinking my demo decisions.
  4. Anna, thank you for giving me another perspective on the 5 Minute demo. Your response is very helpful to me, as I am sure to others just starting off. Going forward, I am now considering offering other options. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you Syn, I appreciate your response. I will study the system thoroughly before implementation, and as Chic stated. Test. Test. Test.
  6. Wow... did I wrong you in another life? I am sure I will not have you as a customer... and honestly from your response... no skin off my nose. I have received many demos; clunky boxes, clothing with DEMO stamped all over the item so you can't truly tell if there are flaws, and 5 Minute demos. Maybe I am just a little quicker than most... but 5 minutes is quite enough time for me to check for fit and quality. I will definitely ask the creator of the 5 Minute Demo if they happen to have a 10 minute or longer demo. You know... for the slow people. I do want to thank you for y
  7. Thank you so much for your reply, Chic. I truly appreciate your guidance.
  8. Hi everyone... I need some help and hope I am posting this in the right forum. I am getting ready to open up shop... yay me. Thinking this would be a breeze after learning Blender, I am finding myself beating my head against a wall, struggling with the preparation of items to sell. Does someone have a workflow process they would be willing to share? I have: 5 Minute Demo, texture hud, Caspervend, a package for delivery, script for opening said package. My main problem right now is packaging. Where or how do I load my clothes into my package for delivery? Do I load each
  9. You are a Goddess, Coffee... it works! Doing the happy dance... woot
  10. Thank you so much CoffeeDujour. I really appreciate your help. Diving in and trying it later today!
  11. I appreciate your response CoffeeDuJour, and think I understand what you are saying. Please correct me if wrong. I rent a store and have a 'group joiner prim'. I place the whole script, that I added above, and the only thing I need to change, besides the group name in edit mode, is the Group UUID as you stated?
  12. I have the Open Group Join from secondlife.com/wiki and I need some help please. Below is the script. This is a foreign language I just can not figure out... I know that my Group UUID goes in somewhere. Can someone please be so kind to show me where and if I need to edit anymore information within this script? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you... Skye findgroupkey() { list TempList = llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), [OBJECT_GROUP]); key groupkey = llList2Key(TempList, 0); if (groupkey == NULL_KEY) { llWhisper(0, "Set the Group for this ob
  13. Thank you for answering ChinRey. We haven't discussed exclusivity yet, thank you for mentioning that. Very good to know about setting permissions while rezzed instead of in inventory. I didn't realize you can have problems with this. I doubt seriously they would want modify enabled, but will double check. Now I guess one easy way would be to just drop my vendor into the store and that way the customers buy from me. Decisions... decisions. Any other guidance you can offer is truly appreciated! Thanks again.
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