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  1. can someone show me a good skull and cross bone symbol i can you in front of my display name
  2. DarkAssassin1

    new homes

    do you have to have the newer cost of perm account b/c i pay the older amount that it used to be
  3. where can i find the new linden homes at b/c i like to have one
  4. ive tryed asking firestorm support addam and the only thing they said is my prob is past there area of support so they sent me to this website to get help.weather im asking the rite ppl or the rite area idk.ive never been in places like this b4.so im trying where FS SUPPORT sent me hoping i got the right area an someone mite give me better hlp
  5. how do i fix this account?sence JAN. its been haven the prob of logging on.i get as far as looking like im logged in but thn it crashes on me.ive tryed deleteing my viewer n dwnloading it agin.and only viewer i can log on to is phoenixfirestorm.others ive tryed hav had me a puff of smoke an froze up after log in.any ideas?cuz im lost.
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