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  1. Firestorm Viewer symbol - unknown?

    Ah thanks very much for that, mystery solved. Still dont understand why it only appears with firestorm as I play other games and its not ther but thanks anyway
  2. Firestorm Viewer symbol - unknown?

    Thanks for the replies:) It is not part of any of my huds as ive edited and moved them around the screen and this symbol stays where it is. You cant click it or edit it as its basically transparent, in other words i can click the inventory button and quick prefs button through it !! I am totally stumped on this one but the colour of it is the same as the firestorm colour on the bottom toolbar. Perhaps I should try and ask the firestorm people direct. Anyway thanks again for trying to help:)
  3. Firestorm Viewer symbol - unknown?

    Hi Everyone, I have the firestorm Release 64 viewer and have noticed a symbol in the bottom left of the screen. I have included a screenshot which hopefully will help. I do not have a clue what this symbol is and it dosnr seem to be clickable and therefore does nothing. Sometimes on log in it has a red diagonal line across it. Can anyone shed any light on what this is and what it does if at all anything? Thanks in advance Saemantha
  4. Face Change

    and ty again
  5. Face Change

    ok got that. any recomendations as to the best place to go ?
  6. Face Change

    ok and thanks for all the replies Seems i need to try an applier for a new skin. I already have the omega hud for slink, either that or go for a mesh head
  7. Face Change

    Hi everyone. Please accept my apologies if this has been done to death but I havnt a clue how to proceed. I have the slink hourglass body, slink hands and feet but this is all over the top of my my original sl body using the slink hourglass alpha mask for body only, classic head still showing. I would like to change the appearance of my face and in the old days as i remember all this needed was a new skin. Ive tried this but no visible change to my face can be seen and on some occassions im shoved up in the air by about 10 feet ?? and my body get sort of morphed, tall and skinny with huge hands !! I am totally lost with this and thinking this needs a mesh head etc ior is it just a simple case of changing my skin and im being a thicko Would appreciate any help please Thanks
  8. Wrist Deformity

    Ok thank you to everyone :smileyhappy:
  9. Wrist Deformity

    Thanks for the reply. It is a very basic AO and quite old so i suppose solution is to update?
  10. Wrist Deformity

    Hi Everyone :matte-motes-big-grin: I have recently noticed that when my arm gets to a certain position while I am standing with my AO on i get a very strange deformity where my hand is attached to my arm in other words my wrist. I have the Maitreya Lara mesh body and slink hands. Photo below. Wondering if this is just a glitch in the AO or maybe something that can be fixed. Never noticed it before now. Thanks for any help in advance :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  11. Lara mesh body help

    Oh thank you That allmakes sense and yes i did select a skin texture from the presets on the lara hud made by glam affair to best match my head/face which as you correctly say is the only thing left:) So its off to glam affair to get a slink appliers for the glam texture ive used. Thanks again:)
  12. Lara mesh body help

    well thanks for that But i like the skin i have and its the original one that i registered on sl with i do not want to change it. Im now thinking its unlikely that LL have given me appliers to do this. If Maitreya say the body is compatable with slink feet then surely there is a solution?
  13. Lara mesh body help

    Hi:) Just bought the Lara mesh body and i want to keep my slink hands and feet. Hve checked in the notes and they are compatable with the body. I have got a seamless fit with both the hands and feet and i have used the omnihud to try and match the skin colour. Thing is I am now at the stage where it says to apply the blenders but i cant seem to get them to work. I have tried add and wear and nothing changes so im thinking i need to do something on the Lara hud? Need help please :))
  14. The Marketplace

    Virgin is my internet service provider The comment about explorer 11 I'm certain is spot on as ive just downloaded google chrome and I can now access the market place with lightning speed. Thanks to all for the help
  15. Slink Feet

    Hi:) Ive checked everything as you suggest. I have the shoe base on which came with the shoes and I only have the slink high feet. Still have the gap:(