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  1. Hi and thanks. Yes I have spotted Queenz and picked up a few very curvy items
  2. For future reference and anyone else that comes across this. It was the "tablet" that came with the av. I had detached it but was still showing on the screen so I re logged and now it has gone. Thanks for the help
  3. Hello everyone, hoping someone can help? I have just registered with second life, female avatar using the latest Firestorm viewer. Am now in the sl world having left the new area and I have this annoying hud on my screen? I have searched in my inventory and cannot find anything that might be it to detach it. When i right click on it the menu comes up with detach but it looks like it is actually part of my body?? as appearance is on the menu as well ?? I have done a csreen shot. Can anyone help please ?
  4. The whole thing is falling apart. Market place is still basically impossible to use, I cant log in at all either. Nothing wrong with my system either
  5. Ok. Thanks for the replies. There wasnt a demo to answer one reply. The position is ok but I would prefer it higher up so just a thought if it could be done. Seems it can if i make my own so that seems to be the solution
  6. Hi Everyone, hope you are all safe and well during this tricky time we are all going through. Hope I have posted this in the right place so here goes .... I have a Maitreya body and have recently bought a tatoo for it which has the classic layers and an Omega applier in the box. My question is.. Is it possible to relocate where the applier positions the tatoo as I am finding it is too low on my back? I would like it to be a little higher up from my waist. I am assuming this is not a straight forward thing to do if this can be done at all ?
  7. Thanks, I thought as much. Seems to me the simplicity of this game has gone. Its all about spending money now to get any sort of look. This skin dosnt work with that, this body dosnt accept appliers, this skin only does mesh body and mesh head etc etc etc.... and it goes on and on Its all got way too involved and complicated, not that i dont understand it all as I do but I just cant be bothered messing about with all different systems to get a decent look and spending a fortune in the process
  8. Sorry just looked inworld at session. Every product is an applier for mesh heads. Cant find skin or shape which is what im looking for.
  9. Well had a look at "session" on the market place. Seems the entire range are appliers for mesh heads? Correct me if im wrong here but appliers dont work with a slink redux mesh body, its BOM. Accept the fact I didnt specify what head I had but have now done that in the post before this. Regular head not catwa or any other form of that. Maybe, as is often the case, the entire range is not on the MP so a trip to the inworld shop I think. Thanks for the help though
  10. sorry, yes, left out some info. I would say around the 50 year old mark Have not upgraded the head, just left the one that was given on registration whatever that is ?
  11. Hello everyone. I am looking for a more mature looking female skin and shape for an alt of mine. I have just got the slink hourglass redux mesh body bundle and done all the necessary to fit it to the body I was given on registration of the alt a few days ago. So my question is really, anyone recomend a good marketplace store or inworld store? I have done some searching but cant seem to find much. Thanks for any help☺️
  12. well thank you all for the replies😊 Will do some playing around and see if i can improve it. Will try applying under the underwear tab, oh, this happens at ground level havnt really looked if im up around a thousand feet. Thanks again😊
  13. hi, thanks for answering. Ive tried the Maitreya feet. They are better but there is still a line visible. With regard to ankle sizes if you mean the tabs on the left hand side of the utilities hud for the slink feet and hands - xxs, xs, s, m and large etc? have also tried those .
  14. saemantha

    Ankle Line

    Hi Everyone, I have a Maitrya body with slink feet. Have noticed that whilst applying stockings I end up with a slight gap where the bottom of the leg meets the top of the foot. Im using the omega applier hud for the Maitreya body. Have included a pic so uou can see. I am expecting that this is most likely an obvious fix so apologies if Im appearing a little thick here😯 Can anyone help please? Many thanks in anticipation of the usual brilliant solutions😊
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