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  1. Foxy's pub is a brand new bar (opening 10/31/16) 100% role play! Located in the small fictional town of Foxbury, we welcome anyone with a love for role play to stop by to play and build your stories! All RP types are welcomed. Nothing OOC permitted in the club. Click here to visit - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ofelia/93/228/1000       
  2.  If you're looking for some company, entertainment or generally ready to behave badly stop by and pay me a visit for the full VIP treatment. Let's get rid of those Monday blues. ♡♡ WHO: Akira Fox & The Monarchy Sirens + Playmates ♡♡WHAT: whatever your heart desires ♡♡WHEN: October 3rd 5:30pm SLT - TBD ♡♡WHERE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna/225/159/4004 Hope to see you there :p 
  3. Looking for a way to spend your Sunday night? Stop by The Monarchy to enter a raffle to win a free lapdance from the girl of your choice. Raffle is free to enter! Winner will be announced tonight at 8pm SLT and you can redeem your prize tonight or this upcoming week. You can enter every hour before 8pm SLT to increase your chances. Come by & Play! Click here to teleport. 
  4.  Everyone is welcomed to The Monarchy tonight for Red Carpet Night, an elegant and sexy time to connect with our Playmates and Sirens. Grab your formal wear an stop by to play out all of your fantasies! Masks encouraaged but not required. Red Carpet begins @ 7:30pm SLT 8PM - Free lapdance contest winner announced 8PM - Sexy time starts! Click here to TP *PS, come enter the free raffle to win a lapdance from any Monarchy girl of your choosing.    
  5.  Come spend your 4th of July celebrating in the sexiest way possible! Your girls at The Monarchy are misbehaving this holiday and want you to play with!! Stop by today to get close to our girls! Click here to teleport 12pm - Sexy 4th of July 2pm - Star Spangled Sex *3pm - Happy Hour 4pm - Red white & Wild 6pm - Babes & Barbecue 8pm - Late Night: Sexy 4th of July 10pm After Dark 12am Late Night Sex  
  6. ✧✧✧Come over and play with these beach babes after dark. Stop by to meet Lana, Alysee and Akira (picture below) and a few other of our hot Playmates & Sirens. Naughty things happen in the dark. See you there~ ✧✧✧8PM SLT ✧✧✧ Click here to TP 
  7. Happy Friday you sexy people. If you're looking to behave a little badly then stop by The Monarchy. We're here all day to play... with a special naughty school girls event at 6pm. Here's whats in store. Hope to see you there. Click here to TP  *The Monarchy is an exclusive member's only club. Lucky you, group access is free this week! 12pm - Freaky Friday 2pm - Kiss & Spank Me *3pm - Happy Hour (open access) 4pm - Bad Girls 6pm - Naughty School Girls 8pm - After Dark: School Girls Gone Wild 10pm - Late Night - Drip & **bleep** See our girls @ TheMonarchySL.com
  8. Monarchy girls are up late tonight! If you're looking for some punishment with your pleasure then stop by and pay us a visit. You won't regret it! 10pm - when ever we feel like we can't take anymore. aka... this will never end so.... Here's your ride!!! 
  9. Hey there, Akira here ✌️ I'm a Playmate (escort) at The Monarchy and figured I'd pop in to say hello to all you forum peeps. I've never used a forum in my life but I've been checking it out and see there's a ton of cool stuff/conversations going on!! Don't stone me if this is in the wrong place >.< Little about me!! I've been working at The Monarchy since its first opening many moons ago and I'm back for the re-opening. I definitely love it here, the atmosphere is so me! If you like a bit of intimacy and to get completely catered to then you should come visit! Let everyone know Akira se
  10. Such a fox :matte-motes-inlove::matte-motes-inlove::matte-motes-inlove:
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