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  1. I was trying to modify a shape, but it' was locked, so i downloaded into xml and modified what I wanted to. I don't know how to upload it into a new shape though. Can anyone help?
  2. I just got a new phone with Lollipop and am thinking of downloading Lumiya. I noticed that it has not been updated in about 2 years and wanted to know what people think of it and if it is compatible with my system. Any comments about your experiences are most welcomed. Thank you! Bettsie
  3. Hi Gamer: I just got a new phone with Android Lollipop and am thinking of downloading Mumiya. How does it work for you and what Android version do you use? Bettsie
  4. That is very helpful, wherorangi. i am sure other will want to know this as well!
  5. Thanks Bitsy. Yes, I will probably take my time with this. I am pretty hot anyway!!
  6. Thanks you for the explanation, Bitsy. It sounds like building up my savings is the way to go with this. I was actially able to get the skirt part to work, but the tops don't. Mesh bodies are crazy expensive though! Do you have any advice for me about which one to pick or how to pick one?
  7. Thank you Alwin. I may have to bite the bullet.
  8. Thank you very much for your answer, Chic. Do you happen to know any desgners that I might be able to chat with in SL? Perhaps they would have an answer or maybe even write something for me.
  9. Thank you bitsy. I am new, so please forgive my lack of knowledge of the terms. Is a prim skirt and old style skirt? What is a perm? And what would I look for when looking for an applier? I understand that mesh clothing must be applied to mesh bodies. Is that the same for the conversion I am interested in. Do you know what it might be named? Thank you so much for your help!!
  10. I have scoured the forums and YouTube to see if I could get a clear answer to my question about wearing legacy, classic, first generation gowns on a new mesh body (any style). It seems like the answer is no, but am wondering if anyone knows of a workaround. Is there any way that I can prevent the need to buy an entirely new wardrobe?
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