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  1. Thank you for all these years of work Oz! Hope you can have a well retirement!
  2. Oh sorry I didnt see this section before, since I post rarely
  3. Hello, I was trying to find hairs with long bangs that eyes cannot be seen. I remember see ones long time ago from events but I can't remember the names or stores. This is just an example for what I'm looking to find! Thanks ♥️
  4. I've been looking around a lot of hair stores but I still don't find something close alike. Someone knows where to find a hair that looks or almost looks like this one?
  5. Thanks, hope they can fix it soon.
  6. Thanks! by the way, any page to know this information? any page.
  7. Today I have been trying to upload my textures into the beta grid and they just apper like this... I don't know If it's the grid or what, because I have been rebot my pc some times and the viewer and it just still the same. I try to uplaod to the normal SL and they upload so normal. Viewer: Firestorm
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