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  1. Almost everybody in SL is somehow broken, so the field is rich for harvest if cultivated properly. The real Question is (as it is in real life psychoanalysis) Can you delineate truths from lies and fabrications and what to do if you can. I have an SL friend who has been here (in SL) almost as long as I have (8 years or so) and she was the victim of severe home abuse as a child according to what she says. She has changed drastically over the time I've known her - so is she being truthful? and is her change a result of the therapeutic ingredients of SL Roleplay? Someone other than ne would have to decide that.
  2. I've been a premium member since August 2015 and have yet to receive my weekly stipend. Nowhere in the explanations for becoming a premium member or the benefits thereof - is there anything about requesting this benifit; there is only the stipulation that I will start receiving it after 45 days. So --- How do I get it activated AND do I get it retroactively? Thank you in advance
  3. As a relative new premium member - how do I acquire the land allowed me and when do I receive my promised stipend? That's 2 questions actually
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