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  1. Don’t feel useless. I can’t pretend I have all the answers or any real answers. But you and everybody that spoke up even in a thread like this, you’ve done something. Just opening your mouth when you see something wrong is doing something. Keeping an open mind when looking at things is doing something. You’re talking about systemic change, but how many people know what all of the laws are that need changing? Where do we begin with that? We literally watched years of progress rolled back in 3.5 years. That’s insane! A good place to start is checking your state’s voting laws. Is voter suppression a thing in your state? Where I am, the polls are literally across the street. I know there are states where they are purging minorities off voter rolls. There’s places where the polling site is a 30-40 minute drive away, then you have to wait 3 hours to vote. Things like that are unthinkable in other countries, but are a reality here disproportionately for minorities. This man has to go, he’s empowered so many bad things. A start is getting him out!
  2. It's good that people get it and understand. It's frustrating just trying to explain how far reaching it is and it's not just about cops killing black people, its not just how it affects one's psyche. The same people that don't get it would be the same people that show up armed protesting because they were told to quarantine for a couple of months screaming about freedom and rights....and not even seeing how ironic they're being.
  3. How do you explain something like that. I was surprised and not surprised at the same time. I was aware, that things like that happened in the south or like in Los Angeles. I didn't think it happened everywhere. Naive me, being from another country, thinking I'd never see something like that in person.
  4. Story time! Who wants to hear a story? A few years ago, before I got married, I was dating a guy. It was a nice spring day, much like this one. The sun was going down, we're walking down the street, holding hands, it was very scenic. He was taking pictures of me with a digital camera, it was just a good time. We get to a corner, three police cars box us in, the officers jump out with their guns drawn. I throw my hands up, obviously confused. He throws his hands up but he has a silver camera strapped to his hand and a cell phone, this is a problem. He was trying to be calm, I remember him saying "There's a camera strapped to my hand. Its just a camera, but I can't drop it." That's when I realized how much more serious this was and could potentially get much worse. The police officers are screaming, I started crying. He lets go of the camera. It falls out of his hand and is dangling there, strapped to his wrist. His phone clatters to the sidewalk. I remember that moment because all of the police officers audibly gasped. I thought he was going to get shot. They rush him, throw him up against the wall, pat him down and cuff him. At this point I'm crying hysterically, saying "What's going on? What did he do?" They tell me to step back, they put him in a squad car and drive off. Now I'm standing there, confused, angry, hurt, sad...all at the same time. Everything happened so fast, I really didn't know what to do. I couldn't call him, his phone was on the ground broken. Should I go to the police station? Which one? How was I getting home? He was my ride. How was I going to get home? Was I dating a criminal? I decide to get his phone and take a cab to the nearest precinct. As I get the the main street, I see him walking up the street...free. He tells me what happened: They throw him in the cop car and ask him what he was doing. He tells them he was on a date and walking down the street with his girlfriend. They ask him what was on the camera, he tells them "Pictures of my girlfriend." They ask, "Mind if we take a look?" He says sure go ahead. They look through his camera, there's pictures of me from that afternoon and his kids (he was an elementary school teacher). The younger cop says, "I...don't think its him." The older cop says..."Lets just see to make sure." They pull into a gas station, pull him out of the car. "Is this him?" The gas station attendant says "....No." They uncuff him and offer him a ride back. He declined and walks back to me. This was a true story and any sane person can see all of the things wrong with what happened. This is a reality for some people in this country, not just some times....every day. Imagine if he got shot? Imagine the gas station attendant said it WAS him? They drew guns then questioned him. Life. Every.Day.
  5. Not when a suspect has been detained or neutralized (in the case of George Floyd). If they haven't been(in the case of Micheal Brown), police officers are trained to use pepper spray and stun guns to deescalate the situation. Even if he wasn't detained or neutralized, Michael Brown was still unarmed. It also speaks to bad policing that Michael Brown was not cuffed before he was being placed in the vehicle. Debatable...There are different eyewitness accounts ranging from Micheal Brown punched the officer while being put in the vehicle (again...why wasn't he cuffed?) to he wasn't in the vehicle at all to he was surrendering and his hands were up. That makes it questionable. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/08/13/us/ferguson-missouri-town-under-siege-after-police-shooting.html Was it Self-Defense though? Here's a different eyewitness account Well that was the guy with him. He's covering for his friend right? Well here's a different one: See here's the thing: Black Lives Matter isn't just about these specific incidents. It's about much, much more than that. It's about poor policing in minority neighborhoods, its about a criminal justice system that is profiting of putting mainly black men in jail. Even a DOJ investigation "described a city that used its police and courts as moneymaking ventures, a place where officers stopped and handcuffed people without probable cause, hurled racial slurs, used stun guns without provocation, and treated anyone as suspicious merely for questioning police tactics. Shortly after the report was issued, Thomas Jackson, the embattled police chief, stepped down." That should tell you something, that should tell you something is wrong. You chose to cherry pick a case where someone was actually guilty of committing a crime, but you entirely skipped over how questionable his techniques were. Then tried to justify them, when the whole incident is highly questionable. Also...what kind of policing is grabbing someone through a window?
  6. Before I go imma just leave this here: it’s pretty graphic, but keep in mind these are kids and how well they sum up life for a black person in the US. It’s got some spicy language in it just as a warning. Not much has changed since then. You all have a good day
  7. Aight, the trolling has started again. I’ll let y’all deal with this. I feel like today was more productive than yesterday. Reading that stuff yesterday kinda made me want to throw my phone against a wall. I don’t want to feel like that again today. Have a great day and be safe everyone.
  8. Beth already pointed out that the policeman in your incident was immediately brought to justice. Whereas, the the events that are causing these protests...suddenly, the wheels of justice got awfully slow
  9. @Nadia Chatterbox There isn’t enough likes, thanks, love buttons for what you wrote. You really broke it down. I don’t know how long it took you to write that, but every word was worth it. Thank you!
  10. I think it is, it might’ve happened more than a year ago. I think he’s just pointing out that white people get shot by the police too, which...isn’t what this is about at all.
  11. It’s ok, I never really point that I’m a Canadian living in the US. Usually, I have to point out to people that I’m a Canadian explain that black people actually can come from there. So I just don’t bring it up often.
  12. Errr, I’m a Black person...living in New Jersey. I just happen to be born and raised in Montreal, Qc. I’m Canadian, but I’ve been living in the US for about 15 years. The avatar isn’t just for show... I will say coming from Canada (which is not without racial problems) living here has been eye opening in regards to how deep and pervasive it is.
  13. Let's not take away from the OP either. Scylla said she didn't want this and it wasn't her intention, so I'm just going to point out that LL did add BLM pictures to their gallery. https://www.flickr.com/photos/secondlifeofficial/galleries Let's not make the focus of this those who aren't doing any thing and make it about those that are again.
  14. Thank you. It wasn't even months ago, it was like three weeks ago. That really should speak for itself.
  15. Staph....you don't even know who did what. Staph. I'm done with this, with you here.
  16. Why would that even be a question? I didn't demonize anyone, don't be hyperbolic. Stop calling people names, you're not helping. Periodt.
  17. I already said it wasn't. At this point, this is all damage control, and try to actually give them something to think about...because this had the potential of spiralling out of control and by you poking fun of that you're helping it spiral out of control. You are literally arguing with people that have all of the evidence they would need on youtube, any news outlet, any news paper, possibly happening in their city right now. If all they see is something totally different than what is right there, do you think ad hominems are going to result in any kind of net positive other than making yourself feel better?
  18. I think a lot of us are after reading some of those screeds. But waddaygonnado? They really believe that...calling them names isn't going to change that; its going to make them double down. Nobody wants that.
  19. Yes, but why be insulting? That's going to be met with further insults. If you truly studied the right-wing mind you'd know that is their element and you'd lose, not to mention you then take away from the very thing you are advocating.
  20. I'm Canadian...Let's not call it brain damage or throw around buzz words like "white privilege". I'd call it willful ignorance or something like "putting on blinders". We should all simply stick to the issue, which is social injustice. I don't see how anybody can be against that because THAT makes everything better for all of us. This is isn't about social injustice though, this runs far deeper than that and it makes people super uncomfortable talking about in a thoughtful manner, let alone even think about it. It's there, it's obvious and something has to be done about it. Things like this challenge people's entire belief system about how things work, even if its in some other place in some other part of the world. I mean, you had the leader of a country just say he was going to take military action against this. Against his own citizens. Meanwhile, an armed protest and storming a government building was met with them being called "Patriots". How do you rationalize that? How do you not say anything about that? No, no, no....if people aren't seeing that then they aren't going to. No debate on the internet is going to sway someone who doesn't see it, they just don't want to see that. People who won't see or won't do anything, just aren't going to do anything. This isn't for them and truthfully, nobody is asking for people who don't believe in something to do something. If people want to..they will. Even if its on a game, even if its in real life...people will and they are. Its really that simple.
  21. Morgan Freeman Narrator voice: They didn't look. Not pointing fingers, just giving food for thought: I just think its funny some of the first responses are "I don't condone rioting and looting" when that's not what the protests are even about. They are about people being murdered, sometimes on film with impunity....even after the whole thing was filmed. No legal action, no jobs are lost until...people start gathering en masse. BLM isn't about rioting and looting, its about systemic injustice that has reached a boiling point. It's just funny to me that the bulk of the responses are "But...rioting....looting" often, without even acknowledging what the protests are for...in any way...even marginally. No, you don't have to wear a little mesh shirt or make a picture or donate or do anything. The issue here is this is turning into intellectual dishonesty and pretzel logic. You know BLM is not about rioting and looting. Even if you don't feel like making some token gesture on a video game, don't be disingenuous about the protests. Nobody is condoning looting and rioting. Its funny that's what the focus is on. BLM doesn't mean Black Lives Matter more than other lives. Why are some responses to that...ALL lives matter. Who said they didn't? It means Black Lives Matter as much as everybody else's.... Why is any of this that hard to understand?
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