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  1. About GBU. Used close to maximum MHz but VRAM about 4-11%
  2. fps from ctrl+shift+1 menu I mean sims where about 50-60 peoples on small zone like 20x20m
  3. In places where a lot of peoples. One time I did try overclock my CPU to 4.5 but still without difference. Another hardware parts are enough good too
  4. yeah. More fps on higher settings. FPS no limited in game
  5. I can't believe that it is possible. I have bought gtx 1080 special for second life to see more fps than with my old gtx 690 and I still can't see the diference. Tried different settings but when I use low settings there's 11 fps. When high - ultra it's 20 fps. Idk how that works. I tried different viewers like Alchemy, SL2, black dragon but it doesnt make sence. That is happening only with SL. Gta online have >60 fps in 4k full setting. What am I doing wrong?
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