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  1. I was reading New World Notes and thinking / realizing if not al mesh is created the same then maybe I could travel through SL better if I reevaluate my avatar. Are there mesh body head combos that have less polygone things? Where can I find this information? Are people checking some kind of stats when shopping? Can other things like my skin slow me down in sl? Someone has had to compare the bodies and heads in this regard, right?
  2. I just got done watching all the bbc / tlc shows on Gypsies .. Now I just wish there was an rp for it here in SL. Anyone want to think tank the idea with me? Pros: Family clans: with almost kingdom heirarchys , cool campers or old fashioned wagons, wild clothes very much like current sl style, parties, horses, sulky racing, boxing, lots of kids included cause family dynamics, giant wedding dresses & fabulous weddings, wild funerals, drama & fights like a soap opera, witchcraft (some mix witch craft and christian ) Cons: where's the plot?, no external conflict without town gorgers, need cops, insensitive?, shows dont explain the shady side much, no clue on set up, need lots people and heads of families, probs more , have to narrow down location irish travelers, romni, etc , time old or modern I would go get some land and let people bring campers but then what?
  3. I'll try my best to explain what I would like to find in an RP... An over arching story line or plot. Maybe some objectives or goals. Perhaps Factions that are playing against each other or coming together. A little bit more of a game element. A little bit less the feeling of Groundhog day. I like historical. Someplace friendly & active.
  4. I'm looking for information about RP currency. A long tome ago at Versailles they had this coin system & the King culd dole out money. Anyone know what that was called or if something similar is on MP?
  5. Makes me wonder if there are employees at LL that support Trump. Maybe have their own personal political views. Might suck to work there and even be a moderate that is undecided on the issues. No one wants to say things that make you unpopular at work. Or completely go against stated company values. Replace This issue with anything else up for debate: stretch your self and imagine it with something you are on the fence about and that it is your job. Like I'm against mustang round ups and would hate if a boss sided with the BLM and the mustangs need to be culled. just feeling bad for that one LL employee that voted trump and has to hide it for job security.
  6. Wish I had not seen this,ugh. I dislike companies taking political or religious stands because then being a patron is supporting their beliefs. Why! Both sides dot this. Time to take a hiatus from sl. Dam
  7. It has been so long since I've had a tv in sl that I don't know where to start. Used to be tv channels in sl with talk shows or this drama about a trailer park. Does any of that still exist? Or a place you could rent RL movies. Can anyone tell me what is going on with tv now and what kind I might want to get? Can I watch my netflix or amazon prime inworld? If so I guess I just need a giant internet page? How does youtube work? I feel like I never hear people talk about tv in sl anymore.
  8. I recently joined a high school called Eden Valley. I recommend checking it out because it has an active community and fun class where I actually learn useful SL stuff. Plus a theatrical dance class in the evening. oh and photography class.
  9. I hope this place is still open? So many cool things quickly close in SL. These people should advertise this awesome place more because I barely came across this old ad.
  10. Meow2016

    Wedding RP

    I have been thinking of hosting a Wedding Roleplay. I love weddings & rp and wondering if anyone else out there might want to combine the 2 for a few weeks of fun. If there is enough interest... I hope to have casting done ASAP and have the 1st event (engagement party) held in about a week. Please before choosing a role consider if you can fulfil the traditional responsibilities and attend most of the events relevant to your role. For more information, contact me (meow2016) inworld & I also made a group. Most events will revolve around Eastern time zone (sl+3). & fun w/ roles/plot/character encouraged. Below is an outline of the idea. EVENTS: Engagement Party Bachelorette Party Bachelor party Rehearsal Ceremony & Reception +impromptu hanging out to plan wedding details ROLES: Groom Best Man (plans bachelor party) Groomsmen (attends most events) Maid of Honor Bridesmaids (about 4-6) (attends most events, umm but not bachelor party unless spies needed) Jr. Bridesmaid Ring Bearer Flower girls Groom’s Mother & father (they plan Rehearsal dinner) Bride’s Mother & Father (help plan wedding) General family Other creative roles (the ex, the incognito crasher) Guest
  11. SL was a big help when I quit smoking. I played SL on a laptop in my bedroom. A place I would never ever smoke. No triggers. The way SL sucks you in and kinda numbs your mind while time flies by; plus busy hands got me through the first days. I always wanted to share that. TY
  12. There are several reasons RL Native Americans would not be in SL. The biggest: Poor internet quality on reservations. 2. More likely to be part of a low income bracket that can not afford the PCs needed to run SL. 3. Combine the above 2 reasons and you are in an area where schools are below average on developing their students computer literacy. 4. A culture that questions joining Main stream culture / digital social media. So some young Natives might get questons or grief from others about 'what' they are exposed to online. I have also met several people claiming to be RL native americans. There used to be, maybe still exists, a Native American awareness sim. Just statistically, not all.
  13. The button noise. It is a bump noise that happens when you open or close a tab, etc. It is driving me nuts and I want to turn it off. Easy enough right? Just go into Preferences, Sound, and lower button volume. But, then all my alert sounds for friends entering chat range also go off. Is there a way I can change or silence just the bump noise when the tabs are touched but keep my alerts and notification sounds on?? Thank you for the help, I tried to describe it the best I can. Mai
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