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  1. I've never in all my years of using SL have I ever experienced having parts say "worn on top) when it should be attached to where it's suppose to. Bento head is suppose to be attached to skull but attaches to top, for example. I keep having to reattach them to the proper point but it keeps resetting, attaching to top and leaving those parts hidden from everyone but myself. It's so bloody frustrating. You can see what I mean in the attached image of my avatar and inventory. It should not be doing this yet it continues to do so no matter how many times I fix the attachment points. Any ideas of what might be the issue? I am currently replacing those offending parts with new ones...but I'm afraid this will happen yet again and i don't understand why it's even doing it in the first place. I am using the newest updated version of firestorm, so unless others have been experiencing similar issues, it's not my viewer. EDIT: It did it again but upon thinking...the folder name could be the issue (odd yes), so I changed the folder name...and it seems to be working. We'll see. It might be a bug someone needs to fix somewhere. Thanks! Jas
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