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  1. What would be the best way to do this? I've tried renaming the old bones in my gun to their correlating bones on the skeleton. But it seems all screwy.
  2. Hello. Recently I made a gun, and I wanted to try out the new animesh features. I was told I could not make a custom skeleton/animations for said skeleton, so I was wondering where I should rig the bones for the attachment. Currently, it's three moving parts: a sliding door and two barrels that operate individually. I'd like it to work with all avatars, so wing/tail bones might be out of the question. What's the best bones to rig them to, or is there a way to use my custom skeleton?
  3. Is there a way to fix this in Blender?
  4. https://puu.sh/z8UC2/4ea292807a.webm What's going on here? This is my first mesh, made it with Blender, dunno what's up with it.
  5. The double secret probation is reading the entire Stinky Steve anthology.
  6. Parx, did you know that we did indeed recruit at many roleplay sims, including Midgar, Toxic, and many others? This is the reason we've been forced to triple-demote you, and why we are rightly being labeled a roleplay group. This is your required reading as part of your training. Axios! -Vaukreyn Animebutts, founder and leader of the Coercion Combine
  7. Hello, I am Vaukreyn Animebutts, leader of Kobi's group, the Coercion Combine. He is clearly confused, as we are indeed a medium-heavy RPing group based in a LL damage sim. It is right that our threads are moved to the roleplay section, as we are a roleplaying group, but the rest of the SLMC are not roleplayers. He will be reprimanded for embarrassing our group, and we here at the Coercion Combine deeply apologize for this verbal defecation. Thank you for your time.
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