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  1. Wenn du deinen Loginnamen vergessen hast, waere es nicht eventuell moeglich, dass du auch vergessen hast, welche e-mail du fuer die Registrierung benutzt hast? Falls du dich an andere e-mails erinnerst, die du zu der Zeit benutzt hast, oder vielleicht irgendwo ein Notizbuch mit alten e-mail-Adressen und Passwoertern hast schau mal nach, ob du da Linden Lab Post bekommen hast. Ansonsten koennte es sein, falls dein account gehackt wurde, dass der hacker die e-mail geaendert hat, aber es ist wohl wahrscheinlicher, dass du einfach vergessen hast, welche e-mail es war Wenn du weder Loginnamen weisst, noch Zugriff auf die e-mail hast, die du verwendet hattest, oder vergessen hast, welche e-mail es war, wuesste ich nichts, ausser einen 'support Fall zu oeffen': https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ Ich hoffe, du weisst noch, welche 'security question' und Antwort du gewaehlt hattest, ausserdem koennte es sein, dass du gefragt wirst, wann du den account gemacht hast, ein paar Freunde aufzaehlen sollst, die du auf dem account hast (oder hattest), oder eine Kopie deines ausweises schicken musst. Falls du dich mit fake-Daten (Name, Anschrift, Land, hab vergessen ob sonst noch etwas gefragt wurde) registriert hattest, erinnerst du dich hoffentlich noch an die.
  2. I make textures for clothes myself, but I buy on Marketplace, when I need some for buildings and other things. It´s very tedious to find textures that are free to use with googling, you often have to click through a lot that aren´t, even if you specified your search terms, and then often you need seamless textures and the choice for that is big in SL. So I kind of hope that textures I find in SL are okay to use in SL, but I rely on what the seller says in their ads. I'm definitely more likely to buy, when the listing says it´s original textures and the seller or their shop and all information makes the impression to me that they are honest, and like one other reply said, if the listing would allow for use outside of SL, for example even just for Open Sim too, it would make me more likely to buy, or pay more too.
  3. I had a look and like it too. I love when a sandbox is a sandy place and it´s always nice to have one landmarked where you don´t have to walk miles to be in the actual sandbox too, and if it´s so pretty and feels like vacation to stand there to rezz all the better, thank you!
  4. I made a mesh building with physics and I can rez in it just like on a 'normal' prim building. But one time I was renting a mesh house in a sim and wanted to rezz some things and nothing appeared, after a few tries I thought that can´t be! and did an area search for objects owned by me and...they had rezzed, just not where I wanted them to but instead outside and stuck inside the walls of the building out of my sight. Just one maybe off possibility, but maybe check for that just to be sure it´s not simple as that
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