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  1. Hi, Making tattoos in SL is relatively easy, but if you haven't tried it before then a manual describing the process from a to z is a good beginning. The hardest part is actually to find good tattoos, make one or processing RL photos to tattoos (I'm working on the manual :-). The GNU product: GNU Image Manupulation Program (GIMP) is highly recommended for for amatours and semi-professionals. It's easy to use and has an excellent Help Manual So here is the manual "Make SL Tattoos Manual": http://www.textuploader.com/5bzyi Be Happy. Eli (iamEli Resident)
  2. I am seriously glad that you can use it. It made it all worth while :-)
  3. I made this manual recently https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Building-and-Texturing-Forum/SL-Tattoos-How-to-for-dummies/td-p/3037903
  4. I had totally frustrating time learning how to make tattoo's in SL. I understand it now. To help others through this process I have made this file describing the tattoo process from A to Z. --> SL Tattoos A to Z - How to for dummies. Pls feel free to update :-) SL Tattoos - A to Z - How to for dummies: http://textuploader.com/5bzyi V2.00 - >Oct 10th 2016 Be my guest and enjoy!
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