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  1. Hello! I would like to ask if someone know a person with the SL name Armchairpangaea. He has been missing since 30.12.17. He usually logged in every day. I do not find him in friendlist, neither in search when I type his name.. Also I checked for him in the groups where he is a member but he doesnt appear. The only way I can find him is through chat log history. I wrote him an IM but he seems to be offline and didnt accept it. I think his account is suspended or deleted.
  2. I did, many times.. No respond. I guess they quit playing SL or maybe there is something else. I do not know.
  3. jkelsey414 -- celine4023 -- oneltl Where are you, friends? I sometimes remember the moments with you and how you suddenly dissapeared without telling anything. I wish I had at least some last message from you before you go. People, please, if you know anything of these three friends of mine, contact me. I will appreciate your help. Thank you!
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