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  1. Cadroe Murphy seems to be gone away from Second Life. However, I could manage to find someone who gave me a similar tool like ShapeGen. Contact me inworld if you are interested.
  2. Contagious Republic, the creator of the building tool Sculptcraft came back online and I have spoken to him inworld. As he promised he is going to fix the broken website and the tool should work again. :cathappy:
  3. Hello Experts! .. The original Sculptcraftor seems to be web-server-side-broken, but it is still avaliable at SL Marketplace for 4000 Lindens? ;) The creator does not answer anybody anymore and all those creative VIP-members of the 3DBuildEasy Sandbox Community are gone too? Who is responsible for the tools on the SL Marketplace? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sculptcrafter-inworld-sculptor-free-version-available-too/1622304 If anybody knows a similar tool with the same functionallity, please speak up.
  4. I do not need this tool to build spheres. I need this for a reson. And I need the same functionallity. It seems the creator disaperaed from SL activities back in 2009. The tool wasn't transferable, but inexpensive for about 100 Lindens. I have tried to contact Ged Larsen, maybe he can be a helpful expert for this. Another hope are skilled scripters who do know this tool.
  5. hello experts! I cannot find this old and inexpensive building tool ShapeGen anymore. Tool creator: Cadroe Murphy (2007) http://www.spinmass.com/tools/ShapeGen.aspx Large Shapes - Construct cylinders, cones and spheres up to 200 meters in diameterAdjustable Smoothness - Create a hard shape like an octagon or a smooth circle, depending on the number of primsTextures - Set different textures, color and alpha for each side of the shapeDiscs - Create a large circular surface by automatically generating concentric cylindersRotation - Automatically rotate the finished shape around the z axis by a specified amountSlices - ShapeGen can generate certain portion of a cylinder only, e.g. slices of a pieWidth Override - ShapeGen can make the blocks a fixed width rather than aligning their edges
  6. I have been trying since yesterday, with different viewers and so on.... Maybe I cannot buy things if my account balance shows 0 Lindens?I
  7. I bought 3 AOs for 0 Lindens but the transfer does not work at all. Your shopping cart (3 items from 3 merchants) After Check Out the Cart still list the items? Nothing happens at all? Why is that? However, I bought one item for 10 Lindens, that worked :)
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