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  1. Okay it's working thanks! Although i had to change: llRezAtRoot("object",llGetPos(),ZERO_VECTOR,ZERO_ROTATION,gChan); into: llRezAtRoot("object",rezPos, rezVel, rezRot,gChan); as stated before
  2. but how would i make them all unique & still being able to communicate between the 2? The rezzer & rezzed object need to be connected, but i don't want them to connect to any other nearby instances.
  3. Alright i've read about "llList2Key" Which didn't give much information on how to use it and more other things. It just makes it look more complicated than it really is i guess. Not sure if i would have to use "while" since most if not all examples i've seen using "llList2Key" were in the while parts. I feel that i'm close but not quite there yet, something is wrong and i don't know what: // Script for texture changer receiverinteger rChannel =-5001;integer Rezzer;integer kRezzer;// Channel is the integer for reception (number mus the same as a transmission channel otherwise script will not
  4. Thank you, Lowering the Glossiness to even 10 i got this: Looks more like a vector o .o I'll try your other solutions, hope one will work Edit: Changing textures worked., no idea how or why. Normal & Specular (also used on both alphas) (half size):
  5. Hello, So i was playing around after reading this article and somehow it behaves differrent for me It looks fine: until i shine a light on it: Client: Default Grid: Beta Diffuse: no alpha Normal map: standard 128,128,255 color with specular as alpha saved: .TGA 32 Specular map: white solid color with darker & contrastd specular saved: .TGA 32 Specular: However the demo from the article shows just fine:
  6. Right thank you once again, i've read that the OBJECT_REZZER_KEY was equal to 32 on the wiki yes. I'm familiar with the touch_end (saw it somewhere on the forum while searching) to switch states but i didn't know that listeners wouldnt work anymore, i'll keep that in mind
  7. Thank you, i've been experiencing with state so that once the item is rezzed it goes to state 2 and becomes unclickable to avoid multiple instaces and switched back to default state after the message to make the child die has been sent. The logic well, I'm just trying to do my best to get it to work really, the reason behind the id = kRezzer instead of == is because == gave me an error and didnt with just one. Im going to try to understand all you said and try it out on a copy and see how far i get.
  8. Thank you. will look up and learn about what you both suggested. With temporarily i meant that it will be rezzed for a limited time (for example 60 seconds) before the rezzed object destroys itself. To make my 2nd question clear: The string "object" has to have a name that is the same as in the script. I was wondering if i could use something like llGetInventory with a filter so it doesnt take the script but the object (just to be safe). This way i can just put a random object inside the sytsem and it won't give an debug error like "[V] Demo could not be found". Maybe that's possible with
  9. Hello. I;ve thought of a way to demo rez objects in world. Concept: A vendor on the wall with a demo button under it. When "Demo" is clicked it will rez a sized down demo in front of it which wil die with a timer, so it only rezzes temporarily. (the demo object is in the content along with the transmittor script) Problem: It works but if i have 2 or more of the same inworld System A will delete system B's rezzed object before it's timer has ran out, this is because it's on the same channel. I've tried multiple options to make the channels unique ie. integer rChannel = 0x80000000
  10. Thank you once again, I've learned a lot from all this
  11. That's interesting, so in this case "message" after the (key) makes all the difference. i wish the wiki was more explained to avoid these senarios. One more last question, is there a way to make the channels random? Since if you would have 2 backdrops on a land with the same script in it it woudl change the texture on both of them (i know i can just manually change them but i'd rather it to be automated) i've tried a few including http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlDialog#Tips but it gives this error, not sure why since it's o the wiki.
  12. i've read it and it gives me a "Name not defined within scope" unless i put at the top "key uuid = "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"; In that case it works, but it would only allow "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" any other UUID's will render as: else { llInstantMessage( llGetOwner(),"Not a valid UUID"); } Just so there will not be any misscomunicatio this is the code so far: integer iMenuChannel = 123;integer iTextBoxChannel = 486;integer iListener;key uuid = "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx";default{ state_entry() { } touch_start(integer total_nu
  13. oh! now i get it. i thought i had to execute the llTextBox' message within the same structure but it's actually outside of it. Thank you very much, this gives me a clear answer to script any further. I'll also try to see if i can valiudate if it has a valid UUID (not sure if it lets me use "if(uuid)" now or not.
  14. Okay so i've rearranged the messages to show me werther it works or not if (message == "A") { llTextBox(id, "Please enter a message and click Submit", -165); //do something else here if(channel == -165) { llSay(0, "It works "); //llSetTexture(message,4); } else { llSay(0, "It didnt work ");} } what i now get is: When i click button A it imidiately says "It didnt work " Im not sure if i could tell the "It works/It didnt work" to wait until it receives a new message from the channel -165
  15. Wrong place, but the ":textbox" has to appear when the first button is clicked so it has to be within "if (message == "A") i guess
  16. It already uses an if and else if to detect what button is pressed. if i put another one it doesn't do anything i can;t figure out why listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "A") { llTextBox(id, "Please enter a message and click Submit", -165); //do something else here if(channel == -165) { llSetTexture(message,4); } } else if (message == "B") { llSetTexture("792477f4-e765-e9ec-6bd8-dc228951b7e2", 4); //do something else here }
  17. Alright, thnak you very much I took a different approach. // Example made by Kahiro Watanabe, visit modernclix.info for lsl and php/mysql tutorials// You can share this script with anyoneinteger listener; // Listener for handling different channelsinteger simpleMenuChannel; // The channel used for the menu// Function that returns a random number (used for generating a random channel)integer randomNumber(){ return((integer)(llFrand(99999.0)*-1));}menu(key id, integer channel, string title, list buttons) // Generic menu creator{ llListenRemove(listener); listener = llListen(ch
  18. Every time someone touches the object, it opens a new listen handler. How am I going to keep from opening so many that the script stalls? (The maximum allowed is 64.) Haven't really thought about that, any insights about how to avoid this? Although the script only works for the owner (Detect owner) What if the owner types something other than a valid UUID in the text box? Hmm i havent thought about that i'll try this with an if/else What if the owner opens a text box but doesn't type anything in it? Im gonna implement this somehow Should I put a default texture UUID in the script? When
  19. I think i have it, it works atleast if the code is valid enough i don't know. integer vListener;default{ touch_start(integer num_detected) { integer face = llDetectedTouchFace(0);; if ( llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { if ( face == 4) { integer channel = -13572468; vListener = llListen( channel, "", "", ""); llTextBox(llDetectedKey(0), "Please enter the UUID of the texture you want as background.", channel); } else {
  20. Actually i haven't done anything the image is a example i apreciate your answer
  21. Hi there! I've been looking around but havent really found what i was lookign for. I have this backdrop that i made and i want people to be able to change the texture on one face by pasting a UUID or somehow since the product is no-mod backdrop: (wan to be able to let customers change the green face) What i'm lookign for: Could anyone be kind to give me a push in the right direction or help me with this? Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Chris
  22. Hello, so i have some issues with voicechat 1. I have crank up my volume really high almost maximum in order to hear people. Eventhough "Master" & "voice" are turned up. So whenever i get a notification on windows i'm instantly deaf. 2. "Allow voice equally from everyone" doesn't work, it still gets quieter when there is a greater distance. (it doesnt work like voice call) My settings:
  23. Thank you! Somehow i kne wit was going to be this simple, i've tried "face 2" "face2" and "face_2" but didn't know you only need to place the number
  24. Hello, i'm cofused about this one. I'm making a wall lamp which i would want to be ablle to turn on/off when clicked (anywhere) but since this is one mesh/prim with 3 textures i want it to only change the "glow" settings of one face, and additionally the light toggle which i think would only be able to emmit on the whole mesh. Ingame mesh:  Inside 3ds max:  i know that the face off the glass that i want to change is 2 and i know of the "PRIM_GLOW" existence but i dont know how exactly to change "ALL_SIDES" to just one
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