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  1. I understand but what about more complex things that'll require more precision? For example meshes that needs to fit the mesh almost exactly, piercings or other things. If you haven't made products for a certain mesh body or head yet most big brands tend to refure your offer which really limits your posibilities but okay i don't blame them. I was quite amazed how eaily signature sended all their devkits
  2. Hello, Im curious how people make hats, accessories etc for certain mesh heads like Catwa, Lelutka and more. I haven't been able to find a mesh kit that you can use ase a size & placement reference. How do other people do this? I really want to avoid a majopr trial & error until you've got it right and rather model using a mesh as reference. The only one i know of that has a mesh kit (dev kit) with armature is Signature Geralt Head i haven't been able to find others So i'm curious & thanks in advance.
  3. Does applying the same texture on mutiple objects affect the server? For example, you have a object that for Li reasons you have to seperate but they share the same UV space & texture Would this be unefficient and rather make 2 seperate UV's half the original size?
  4. I purposely screenshotted the default SL viewer (that i use for beta grid) to overcome comments like "Its because you use firestorm" etc.
  5. I see that the dae (fbx export) has triangulate turned on, i've turned it off and triangulated myself (select all vertex and connect). This had however no difference to uploading, it's still the same.
  6. 18 Meters, i have not tried to upload the .dea back into 3ds max yet. I've decided to upload the rails seperated and the 2 spotlight parts too (as a linkset to eachother) that worked just fine.
  7. Hello, i'm making a spotlight model for a building i uploaded yesterday. The building itself went flawless without errors, all LODs named correctly etc. But this one gives me some strange behavior. Some info (3 seperated parts, 2 of them will be copied in-game for more spotlights on the rails) 3DS Max: Default mesh: LOD2: Names: Materials: All looks fine here, LOD has same number of materials, just different polycount. I only did 1 LOD for this example because the error happens on the first LOD already. Secondlife: Error: Material of model is not a subset o
  8. Okay i got it. I didnt know that the rigged forced the object to whatever bonenit’s rigged. Makes sense now. Thanks!
  9. This is true, the bag is highlighted blue, however i don’t see how it’s attached since it doesnt appear in the inventory of the unpacker. Maybe loaded in by some uuid idk been a while since i’ve been into scripting. Thanks for you comment
  10. How does one create one object/item that will both attach a fully working HUD but also a avatar attachment? (without asking permission e.d.) Example: I've tried "edit" to do some research but i can't seem to select the bag. Does anyone know more about this?

    Invisible Inside?

    Your mesh probably have one layer of polygons that have normals facing outwards, I don't know how to do it in Blender but in 3DS max i either use the "shell" modifier or copy the mesh and flip normals (so i have a copy of both inside & outside facing polygons) This is how most 3D related things work if i remember correctly it's called Backface culling
  12. Oh okay, thanks will look into that somehow ignoring the "record keyframe" and using the pose tools "Insert" works. Selecting bones you want to be included and then insert > rotation. Didn't know about the IK.
  13. i tried making a pose but seems like no matter what i do it has some strange behavoir. So i thought why not make it simpler and move only one bone. The bone i moved: When exporting this and uploading to SL it has some strange behavoir.. Even the legs seem to move though i've never touched them. Does anyone know what's going on?

    Handheld items

    Thank you both Looks like i have to do some research into bento animations

    Handheld items

    How would one attack this problem on handheld items? Making the hands "grab" something. Is this dont by partly-aniamtion where you only override the hand & finger bones? That's my first thought really. I've heard someone mention "Bento hands" would this be different or same technique?
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