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  1. Playing around with a headpiece and collar from Zibska.
  2. It's been a while since I used my male avi so I decided to give myself a bit of a makeover!
  3. Trying to furnish my new apartment, although so far all I've done is stare at the wall for 3 hours.
  4. Relaxing at my friends home, clinging on to the last moments of summer!
  5. I think if you're happy then who cares what anybody else thinks! Although I think it is slightly uncommon, I don't think it's weird at all and actually I find it really cute! I wish you both the best of luck.
  6. My avatars look is constantly changing right now, here's the look of the minute!
  7. Who said boys can't wear hoodies as dresses too?!
  8. Can't seem to make my necklace fit properly without it clipping in at least one area, the frustration is real!
  9. Unedited pic of me just standing around being bored. Anyone know of anything fun happening on SL?
  10. Today I'm trying to trick people into thinking I'm innocent
  11. Looking a little different today, testing outfits and makeup for pictures!
  12. A self portrait from today! Also thank you all for posting your snaps, I love seeing other peoples work and difference in styles!
  13. Changed my skin and went back to being a ginger recently, here's a self portrait from today!
  14. I'll definitely join this when i get online later, sounds like fun!
  15. Oh no what have I done Great snap though Talli, love the contrast between your outfit and the background! Nice picture, love the almost "faded" look of it! I always seem to switch between photographing at actual places and just using backdrops, can't seem to do both
  16. A photo I made of myself and my longest SL friend, Daphne today. See the bigger version on my Flickr!
  17. I always love seeing other people's work as well as sharing my own for other people to see. So I thought I'd start this thread for people to share their work and get critique and tips (if wanted/asked for). Share your latest masterpieces whether it be a simple snapshot, an edit, a repaint, a morph, anything Second Life related. I'll start it off....
  18. Hi, I'm looking for a place to move in to and rent with other people. I like modern looking houses although it is not essential and would prefer a place which is mesh as I am a photographer and do like realistic looking surroundings to photograph in. I have a budget of 3,000L$ a month as long as other people renting with me are paying an equal share. Would also like to add that I am gay incase there are still people out there who have problems living with gay people. **This is not intended for people to give me slurls to their land for rent ETC... The point in this thread is to find other people who would like to have roommates or have a place I can rent with them as I would NOT like to live alone.** Please reply to my thread or send me a message in world @ tomfrostt if you would like to contact me. Thanks, Tom.
  19. It's almost February so that means I can put my tanned skin back on again, right?
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