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  1. Thank you admins for putting it at the right spot 😄
  2. Vikki's CV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, my name is Vikki and i used to work before in SL as a dancer, i also used to be a DJ at some point. Looking for: Right now i'm just looking for something more relaxing and fun to work on, like being a waitress or a maid. Or anything that isn't involved in clubs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bio: Name: Vikki (nansiilievaaaa) Gender: Trap (But also can be female in SL) Country: Bulgaria Languages: English/Bulgarian Age: 23 Experience: Decent in certain jobs. Likes: Having fun time's and is always friendly with people. To be there for people when they need me. Anime :3 . Personality: Cute, cheerfull, funny, caring. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Hit me if you have interesting offer and to know more about me. C:~
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