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  1. Okeema, here is one thing you can try to fix this. Go to the Developer Menu, to the Avatar/Character Tests menu and select the test Avatar of your chosen gender. This should force you to load the "beginning" avatar. I use the Firestorm viewer, but I think on the Linden Labs viewer you can activate the Developer menu by checking that box under Advanced preferences. Hope this helps! I grew up in the Broken Arrow area for a while, so welcome to SL :-)
  2. Unfortunately, living in a Free and Open society means that people with evil agendas have more opportunity to do harm. I'll still take Free and Open even if its dangerous though........ Thoughts and prayers to our French neighbors and everyone suffering tonight because someone decided they had an excuse to do voilence. Hopefully Justice will be swift.
  3. I'm new to Fairfield. The sim looks wonderful! Question: Is there a preferred roleplay style? I'm familiar with Parapost "Keep IC and OOC clearly seperate" but I have run into a variety of styles in FF.
  4. "Block" is a repetitive process when you deal with new alt after new alt, created by someone you used to be married to and who knows your social circle in SL. Big Picture; RL restraining orders are difficult and expensive to enforce in SL, so the options were limited to "leave SL" or develop an alt.
  5. Chic Aeon wrote: While you can't actually solve the problem you can do some things. HIDE ALL YOUR GROUPS so that no one looking for you can find you that way (easily anyway). TURN YOU LAND TAB TO KEEP OTHERS FROM SEEING YOU FROM OUTSIDE YOUR PARCEL (in the land tab - if you are renting you might ask your landlord to change that for you if needed) TURN OFF VISIBILITY IN THE VIEWER - Preferences > Only friends and groups know when I am online. Turn off the "know when I am online" for all your friends that you don't really care about knowing -- so like your REAL FRIENDS. Find a new piece of land to buy or rent if the person stalking you knows where you live. Turn on privacy setting there also and maybe a security orb *wink*. I am personally against making an alt just to hide from someone. That let's them win. And yes, I have and am there . You could if you wanted to be nasty and the person CAN find you fairly easily (home, store, traditional hangouts) -- become completely invisible so you can be there and no one can see you - LOL. I haven't done this but .... You can of course mute whoever is hassling you but they likely have alts that can also hassle you. Some folks seem to have an ARMY OF ALTS. Worse is the game play and time wasting. Really stupid. Most of us aren't 13 any longer. Good luck. Thanks Chic! I agree with you that alting is giving a victory to the abusive ones, but the army of alts you mention is what I'm up against and I try to be practical. By alting, I effectively gave up ten years of Inventory (and I am a serious shopper) - and I didn't take that step lightly. Hopefully someday better controls will be in place - but people are always the wildcard thats immune to logic and reason ;-) Luckily, I like my alt :-P
  6. Alwin Alcott wrote: if you really want "alone time" think about creaitng a second account Thats how Paige was born :-)
  7. the Roleplay Network group also has a lot of announcements in it for Family RP sims, that might work :-) Also, if you're just looking for a non-sexual Friend to hang out with and poke around the grid; there are many people who would be glad to help ;-) I'm always glad to myself, but except for weekends I'm either on late at night or early in the morning.
  8. I would love to stay on my original account as its nice to have the social acknowledgement of having survived over ten years in SL. Unfortunately, Linden Lab has never successfully dealt with stalkers and their hordes of alts - so if I want some peace and quiet its "alt or log off". I enjoy SL a great deal, its unfortunate that we have abusive people in the community - but as "People are People" its probably unavoidable. It hasn't stopped me yet - and as someone stated above; its nice to start with an ORGANIZED inventory :-)
  9. AssaholicDirector wrote: Yes it is quite furstrating as I have fun into the same problem. You can buy Lindens through a credit card, Paypal, or Skrill. To my knowledge you can add a prepaid card to Paypal in order to pay for things, but I could be wrong. That may involve directly transferring funds from the card to the Paypal account (as in "processing a credit") which may take a day or so before you can access the funds to buy Lindens with. If I am remembering correctly, unless you have a Credit Card on file or a bank-account directly linked to your PayPal account, they want to see the $$$ physicially in the PayPal account before you can use it, as opposed to just debiting it off the prepaid card at the time-of-use. Its been a while since a friend had this issue, so things may have changed. Free advice is usualy worth what you pay for it :-)
  10. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Many good points have been raised here. I'll add one more. Many designers are women and while many women RP in Gor, many women have a distaste for anything Gor and have no interest in designing for it. I am not trying to start a debate on Gor and it's merits here. Just stating a fact. The suggestion that you approach people that already sell clothing for Gor is probably a good one. Amen!
  11. Also, what kind of time-frame (SL time) would you need this person on?
  12. Thanks Alwin ;-) Thats not the answer I hoped for, but at least it will help me decide what to do next :-)
  13. Simply; how can someone who wants some "alone time" mask ther global presence from "Avatar Online Scanners" such as those purchased in the SL Marketplace? Will toggling "off" all presence controls in the client do the trick, or does that still leave one detectable to those HUD scanners that stalkers love so much?
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