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  1. I and my rl partner want to reduce his tier in our group and increase mine. Can we simply up my tier and reduce his tier without selling land. All land was bought for the group, some by him and some by me. We are not concerned about land ownership as all land will continue to be held by the group. I am confused if any land need to be sold for 0L$ between he and I. I am thinking no since we both bought the land in the groups name and only donated tier not actual land. Any advice would be great. Don't want to screw this up. KHOLBI
  2. I bought an Ocean Water Parcel. How do i place a house on it without raising the land?
  3. I abandoned my linden home in the Caswell region. Can I switch regions to select a new linden home? My friend had a choice of 6 homes in another region, i only have a choice of 4.
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