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  1. Hmm curious about this perticular item. I once saw a copybotter that created objects owned by lindens. Is that even possible?
  2. i think landlords are the ones to deal with these kinds of issues since its a private sim and not owned by linden. Your landlord or sim owner can find the object and delete it. If nothing is done, leave the sim, its simple, if the sim owner can't handle issues or its admins, then you should just move out.
  3. You be surprised how many griefers come up with hacks and scripting bugs to grief and steal. SL is hardly safe and very little is done about it. You have to use common sense and avoid clicking on everything.
  4. Would be nice if they shown dates, The biggest problem is support. If the item is broken, you have just given away lindens to someone that either scammed you or that isn't active anymore nor can you ask them for a fix. A time limit on how long you can keep up items on the marketplace would be good too like 3 - 6 months or something, and a button to press to show that you are still active, updating your time limit, would atleast give potential buyers a good hint and reduce the number of junk on the marketplace and reduce lag when searching. Another issue i found is that people get free items and resell them on the marketplace for way more, or just steal mesh from games and other media and resell that. The marketplace needs a major update as years go by, its already cluttered with items from way back and extremely laggy.
  5. Anyway, i guess its useless to try having a civilized discussion here if i am to be attacked by people who can't bring anything useful to the discussion, will continue gaming for now i guess, i said what i wanted.
  6. Yeah keep throwing false accusations and trying to attack me... cute really... If someone is a bad person, you are Klytyna who needs to go for personal attacks because i proved a point you do not approve off.
  7. Updated it, deleted all the junk feeds from years ago. Sure i was a management in an old sim, really didn't care much, but now after exploring SL i just noticed how bad it really is.
  8. The only profile i use is the inworld one, don't really care about this web stuff.
  9. Well anyhow, traffic is completely useless if they can't make proper rules for bots. They should just remove traffic or rework it, it only confuses those who go to high traffic sims looking for people to hang with.
  10. It used to have a limit of 2 i think, about a year ago it said 2 bots where the maximum.
  11. As i said, it used to say 2 bots where the maximum in a sim but they changed it. Now traffic doesn't really mean anything anymore, yet people keep following it, they want the most popular places, but get thrown into areas with avatars just standing around, generating money and traffic doing nothing.
  12. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Bot_policy Using bots to "game" traffic is not allowed You may not attempt to gain an unfair advantage in search results through the use of bots to inflate the traffic for a parcel. This policy applies to both mainland and private estates since both are represented in search. However, it used to say only 2 bots where allowed, i guess they changed this. But if a sim sits with about 10 bots just standing around then it most certainly gains an unfair advantage to other sims. AFK sex sims are no different from botting since most of them are made to generate money anyway, just randomly seated on a furniture and then left online for days without any activity.
  13. It can most certainly be something great, if LL does something about it, right now what it needs is proper advertisement, to let people know SL is out there, offering a creative platform for developers and others who enjoy creating and updating older things thats been left around. Lag, Security is something they need to work with if they want creators back. and the average person needs those creators to buy cool things. and well finally the traffic needs to be redone or even removed, alot of people follow where traffic is and in most cases it lands them in AFK sex sims or sims with bots everywere even though LL made a rule to only have a maximum of 2 bots on a sim.
  14. Feel free to say what you want, i will simply ignore your future posts too.
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