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  1. LOL...umm..sorry to say...but pu$$#@ is too prevalent in SL for any man in his right mind to dump lots of linden and gifts on one avatar just for that and company. Like another poster said ..there are ESCORTS...also you have the AFK sex groups, the use my body groups, the horny groups, the dirty girl groups, the do strings attached groups...so many avenues to get beautiful women begging for some attention and sex...what makes you so special..what do you have to offer a man that is worth so many lindens and time? Don't say a cute mesh avatar... those are a dime a dozen these days.
  2. Hey, I am curious...are there any women out there who fantasize about being kidnapped, BUT something that DOESN'T end in being tied up like a hog from the ceiling, ball gagged, brutally violated, collared, beaten or sold off to slavery? ? Do any women ever think of being a lovely damsel snatched from the security of her home/family by a dashing, but dangerous male, held for ransom or as leverage in a war or whatever. Of course, you depsise your captor who, despite his intentions of only keeping you captive, really desires you. And well...you end up unwillingly in his bed...but more aggressive rp than violence. She's well cared for despite being his plaything. Of course, this rp can go in any direction from here...she can escape...they can fall in love..who knows. But do women think about these fantasies anymore? I've tried finding a rp partner in the damsel and kidnap groups, but women seem to only want to be violently abused and gagged in some dirty alley or dungeon. IM me if : 1. A longterm RP like this appeals to you. 2. You have a nice avatar (no newbie looking ones, no very short ones, no giant ..ummm..attributes) 3. You know how to emote. Also I want to hear the opions of the ladies here. thanks! 
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