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  1. Thank you very much for proving my point in the clearest way possible while also showing that you react quite badly to factual information. You assigned a monetary value to a plot of virtual land that you have not shown any intent to sell off for L$, thus meaning you are actually getting nothing whatsoever back that could be converted into real cash. In short unless you intend to sell off your plot you are getting nothing whatsoever. $5 + $0 = $5. The value you placed on that Tier is meaningless unless you are receiving that value back, which you are not. Now if you'd like to co
  2. I am well aware what this forum looks like when accessed on a mobile device as I see exactly that when enlarging the page. A truly responsive design would not shift to that interface on a normal computer, period. I do not have to do this for the majority of places I visit so your 'suggestion' is not viable. It does not take a genius to figure such a thing out nor does it take one to understand how one's settings should be set for optimum viewing across more than one page. Have a good day, your attitude will get you nowhere.
  3. Yes, let's enlarge the font size using the in web browser settings. Oh wait, that is a global setting and should be set based on an average of the pages one visits. Care to guess which one is the oddball there? "Desktop View" does not exist. The forum does not have separate viewing modes which respond to the device accessing the page. To close this: I am quite well aware of what options exist and how to use them. As I said in my last response, if the forum really was designed to be "responsive" then it would be redirecting mobile users to a setup that is designed for their device.
  4. Which generation is the "correct generation" in your opinion? Frankly speaking it seems to me that you may well mean the generation that insists everything be compatible with their mobile devices, that demands their video games be released right now and complains bitterly when there is even the smallest delay. An entire generation that believes Generic First Person Shooter MCMXIV is the greatest thing since sliced bread. That generation simply moves from fad to fad without a second thought.
  5. It seems to have gone right over your head that I am in fact using a normal computer to access and use this forum. A truly responsive design would notice that a user is not using a mobile device and cease swapping to such an interface when the user enlarges/zooms. What is your reasoning for placing Log In/Out, Notifications and Messages in the hamburger menu as opposed to somewhere on the main areas? If it is for no reason beyond what you call reducing clutter then honestly all I can say to that is that such is your opinion.
  6. Enlarging the page/zooming in is second nature at this point as it is something I have to do even for pages with a larger font size. It is a secondary gripe. Device responsiveness is a wordier way of saying that web designers are catering to those who almost never view web content on anything other than a smartphone or tablet. If I wanted to see a mobile interface while using this forum I would use a smartphone or tablet. As for hamburger menus vs. drop down boxes: A drop down box would have been preferable as there is this trend where page designers try and cram everything they can
  7. The problem is that you continually ignored the information that was presented to you and attempted to move the goalposts several times. Now we're done.
  8. Again I have no idea what stores you've been visiting nor what items you've been running a search for but I have yet to run into such a thing. No building, clothing item, avatar modification/part or complete avatar could contain enough variations for over 50 pages of 'the same thing' at 96 items a page. Tagging an item with several terms also has little effect outside of making that item appear in searches that include those terms. It does not cause the items to show up more than once in the same search. What is wrong with how the forum looks you ask? It is designed for mobile device
  9. Except that there apparently is a need for it, otherwise it would not be so prevalent now would it? I do not know what Marketplace stores you have been frequenting but you would have to have quite a great number of color variations to cause someone to have to go through 30 pages of listings. Further, if you're basing that rather hyperbolic number on the default 12 items per page setting you really have no grounds to complain. Unless you have a very good reason not to do so you really should be using the 96 item per page setting for any search or store front with more than 96 items li
  10. It has been quite some time since I last saw a club that offered any sort of pay beyond tips and you are correct in that the amount displayed in a tipjar is not an indicator of how much has been made that week and yes there are quite a few variables. By and large, people simply do not tip as much or as often as they used to. Staring a business as a creator in Second Life is not as easy now as it once was, if you are trying to create anything beyond textures (of any sort) then you are all but required to learn how to use 3D Modeling software or learn how to write LSL2/Mono code - not every
  11. I've already stated I understand your reasoning. I have also laid out exactly why your response was irrelevant to what was being disputed. Please continue to hammer away at such an angle, I've made my point and you have made it clear that you wish to ignore it while attempting to move the goal posts. I'm done, someone else can respond further if they so desire.
  12. The last time I looked at the job market the only ones available that did not come with some sort of prerequisite were club related, tips only jobs and what amounted to being a clothing store mannequin. The former of these types simply are not generally worth it seeing as so few bother to tip. The latter can be done by an AI driven avatar. If this has changed then it is for the better.
  13. What part of breaking even requiring you to get back exactly the amount you pay in don't you understand? You get L$1200 a month in Stipend - slightly less than $5, the Tier waver does not reimburse you the cost of that 512. Let's round up to exactly $5 a month shall we - 5 x 12 is 60, less than the cost of an Annual Membership. Being exact, that L$1200 is $4.80 currently on the market. Multiply that out for the year and you get $57.60 back should you decide to process that into actual cash. Again I do understand why you consider the cost you pay out of pocket each year - and you
  14. Sigh No matter how you try to explain it, you're still not getting that waived Tier fee back as actual money nor is your Stipend paying the full amount of your membership. Contrary to what you have apparently assumed, I do understand quite well your stated reasoning for viewing it as a benefit. As I said in response to someone else, I simply dislike misinformation/inaccurate information, which you presented when stating you break even. Nowhere have I stated some desire to "pay more to get less" either. Now can you please stop trying to pass your earlier claim off as accurat
  15. Not really much else left, no. For my part, I simply dislike misinformation/inaccurate information.
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