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  1. No worries, thank you for the help! Sometimes it helps just to talk through things instead of googling (which didn't come up with a whole lot). I thought it This might actually fit the issue nicely. Here's some more background: We've had an issue in our club and the result is that the last manager was fired. As happens, this person tried her hardest to throw a fit, including returning skyboxes that we'd let some of our friends rez. I thought this ex-manager had returned the skybox where I'd parked an alt, because suddenly the alt had fallen from the sky; that is what brought my attention to the box in the first place. So, if ex-manager returned a skybox, but it ghosted, that would explain the behavior I was seeing. Unfortunately, the person who owned the skybox is afk for a few days so I won't be able to check if the box was returned to her inventory.
  2. Would a graphics rendering issue also eliminate the collision physics? For example, the issue was with a sky box; when I right clicked the "floor" of the box, I fell through and started plummeting toward the ground. I TPed a friend to my position, and they couldn't see the prims I had accidentally poofed, nor could they select objects (assuming they are just invisible), and the "floor" was also absent for them as well. I blamed lag at first, too, but then: where was the context menu? Where was the warning about returning objects or taking objects that don't belong to me? I'm stumped and the person who's objects I poofed won't be around for a few days so I can't tell if the prims ended up back in her inventory.
  3. I discovered this fun little issue today. I right clicked on an object. The object was 1 prim, just a rectangle with a texture on one of its sides. I chose "Edit" because I wanted to look at the properties of the object. The object disappeared. So I right clicked another object. This time there was no context menu at all, the object just vanished. I repeated this several times before deciding that I wanted to stop sending pieces of our build into oblivion. There is no warning about returning the object. There is nothing except the instant disappearance of *anything* I right-clicked on. I restarted the viewer and now right-click is behaving as it should, but those prims that poofed are not in my inventory and haven't returned to where they were rezzed in the sim. What do I do now to get those objects back?
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