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  1. That was me also last night had saved my trys for one area .. and I could nit even land in thst region. The same 5 kept coming up. Niw Im in tome out till 6 pm SLT .. 😞
  2. It appears that Moleborough has been released but a lot of them where abandoned as I have found a mix of June 30,2004s and April 18, 2020s
  3. I just went through 3 alts trying for Hardly There and kept getting the same 5 spots over and over again .. I'm really getting tired of this .. you would think they can see the same IP address and not give you sh*t everytime. Sorry just getting frustrated .. everytime a new area gets released I get the abandons over and ove again
  4. Thank you .. on phone app today and map search does not pull up region names
  5. Thank you! Now that areas have been filling up that map is getting harder to tell .. lol
  6. Does anyone know what area is currently being released?
  7. That means they are still owned by Governor Linden and have not been set to release yet
  8. Protected Land is the area surrounding the Linden Home Parcel. (The land that is shared land owned by Governor Linden) What is available says Linden Home until it is named by the new owner. If you're clicking on the map at a green dot and it says Protected Land then they are not standing in their parcel area or you need to try again for a better shot 🙂 I hope this helps clear up your question.
  9. I went through 2 alts and I could not get in there at all! I kept getting sent to other abandons and there are still available house in Darling Clementine!
  10. Update ..... It appears to be Cartwright that released this morning and there are still a few unclaimed spots ( linden homes showing 2004 year)
  11. Good morning! There does not seem to of been a lot of releases overnight since Shermans Forest or does anyone have a update?
  12. Why do people name their new home "Linden Home"? When your looking on the map and checking on areas that have not been or resently released and you see "Linden Home" you think it is available and you hurry to try and get it .... finding out after you use up all your trys and go check it out you then find out it has been taken days ago ,, hangs my head what a waste of tries. Thank you for letting me vent!
  13. Hop Hop Hoppy Easter!! I hope you're all having a great day! I've been watching the map over the new log homes regions and it does not seem to be releasing new areas very often 😞. Staring at the map watching to see a new dot pop up is like having a glaucoma eye test .. everytime you see the dot flash click the button.
  14. I checked and there are a few firefly emitters on the marketplace with good reviews 🙂
  15. Good Friday morning everyone!! This morning I will be releasing a Victoria on Cantwell .. Pond to the right Park land to the left and front and back have street .. very spacious lot! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cantwell/124/45/33. Let me know if anyone is interested Plan on letting it go at 7:30 SLT if I have not had anyone request earlier 🙂 Update: got IMed and released it
  16. yes but that one that person released and it now shows Linden Home and today's date
  17. I think twin Elms released there is one house claimed and the others say Linden home
  18. So I am out exploring in the new log home region, and (I maybe late to the party but) I discover a vortex in the middle of a lake and it teleports me from Barn Dance to The Portal Park with games and other experiences (that's what it says tho i'm not sure what it means) i wonder how many other ones are out there? And i wonder if there are any over in the other themed areas?
  19. I understand how it can annoying, but a quick fix is rez a a square prim hollow it out stretch it to cover the white then use the log home packet and color it to match. Hope that helps til a glitch is fixed
  20. Did anyone ever mention how long this release was going to take? It seems there is a long wait between region releases
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