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  1. Seems to be another quiet day ...listens for crickets by the cabins
  2. If you ever change your mind about keeping it let me know, thank you. And CONGRATULATIONS!!
  3. ROFL I got it twice and I am taking Atina0's advice and saved the LM to check to see if it is available again .. and if it is I'm not clicking 🙂 Thank you Atina0!
  4. Yep .. okay i am a stalker .. it was the one that was stuck .. I waited and watched .. and as soon as that Victorian was off the LP that spot had it's new owner .. Now I hope they keep them both!
  5. Good morning I am releasing 2 Victorians i caught overnight one in West Burnham and the other in Queens Arch. Both are in a neighborhood setting, no water anywhere in sight Now neither one of them has been taken and I am afraid to click on the because I don't want to get them again ... but there could also be another wonderful Victorian also released at the same time .... OH MY GOSH >..< I WANT TO CLICK !! The second one I released it was in West Burnham and that went after a few minutes .. The first one I released in Queens Arch is still in Governor Lindens ownership and
  6. Hi I'm sending back a Victorian that curiosity had me take a click on at 10 am SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wallingford/78/232/33 I am still looking for that oceanside dream Victorian. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! released 10 SLT update still in maintenance 10:15 SLT (I have not seen it listed on the LP)
  7. But Dos Hermanos has that vein that connects to the BIGGER central river, which I think was one of the main attractions of that one.
  8. There's a Victorian on the LP wondering where it is?
  9. .... and on that one house it is only 90 degrees this way or back again .. a lot of the parcels would have a better view if you could do it in 90 or 180 or 270 degrees
  10. They should of put one of the portals hidden up there.
  11. I went over to check it out and they were claimed and abandoned.
  12. I keep seeing a Victorian on the LP but am afraid to waste my trys to see if it is a ocean view. Anyone check it out? Please if anyone else is going to release a Victorian in a great ocean view let me know please... and thank you!
  13. Yes those are the ones 2004 that have not been selected or assigned to anyone. Once someone gets that house and abandons it then the date turns to the date that they abandoned it back to Governor Linden
  14. A coastal Vic ... ugggggggggg my luck @@ rolls my eyes!!
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