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  1. Wondering if that is the Traditional that keeps showing on land page being played as the hot potato this morning?
  2. Thank you plenty of time .. just never never saw it come by .. lol
  3. Game of Homes is a Canadian reality television series from 2015 .. on google there are a bunch of images. Might have to start marking my spots as I leave them.
  4. No time is a bad time to release a house. It your schedule! My reaction is WOW what a Great Spot and I'm truly HAPPY for that lucky person they've been trying too. It like going to a restaurant and as you're eating your healthy seaweed salad you see someone else plate of primerib and mashed potates with melting butter ..... (sorry lost me for a moment mmmmmm) that would be nice, but not this time. (Now I'm going to order out my dinner from the Cheesecake Factory)
  5. @@ rolls my eyes.. work is daunting.. this is exciting
  6. Who wants to suggest what they think will be the next theme? Tropical islands with beaches, waterfalls, and tiki huts ( 1 and 2 floor styles )
  7. But the drop down is still offering the older versions to select
  8. I just got and released 2 Victorians .. but the third try it when back to showing and saying they are not available
  9. Last night new Victorians were released .. so yes they still have new and abandons to offer .. Lindens are never truly without homes to offer
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