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  1. Happy Easter!! If your a fan of stilt houses I will be letting go of one on Reeser. It is land but you're right on the water with a cute island right off the back deck. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reeser/96/39/25 If you interested let me know soon other wise I will be dropping it at 7 am
  2. ~~~ waves HI Alcott~~~ That is right 1 avatar = 1 house, BUT some people do play with multiple avatars and can sweep out a area very quickly if they have them all logged in at the same time. I don't mean inworld. I mean logged in to the land page at the same time. I personally have retired out my avatars except for 3 who have very nice locations that I am happy with and don't see the need to participate in the "who can get the most" mentality. It's like fishing .. get one and toss it back if your not happy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  3. WHY? I have to ask this because why would someone name their Linden Home Linden Home and have people think it is still available and waste their rolls trying to get it?
  4. Looks over the western horizon of stilts ... those mole have been very very very busy
  5. ~~waves hi~~ I hope you all are having a great weekend! I am going to be letting go of a western coastal OL stilt on Single Strand http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Single Strand/28/244/23 If you like sunsets and a short walk to a picnic area this stilt is waiting for you! There is a water rez area at the end of the walkway too!! IM me inworld to set a time to try if you're interested.... no guarantees! Otherwise I'll be letting it go later tonight. ***got a taker. Thank you all and enjoy the rest of your weekend!***
  6. There's a poor Victorian that keeps being tossed around on the land page again.
  7. Maybe we'll get a doubles release tomorrow one morning.. one afternoon.. SL time ofcourse.
  8. 5:16 SLT and no stilts, no Victorians and no traditionals .. O My PS appears low on battery too
  9. 6:43 PM SLT and NO stilts on land page!!! On Water, NO Pier and NO Land!! WOW I thought I would never see those land stilts off the land page again. Good Night All!
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