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  1. Here is something to think about - the flu is much more deadly than covid is and kills hundreds of thousands of people every year but we don't shut down the world every flu season and there are over 30000 people who die early day from famine worldwide. Just a little perspective...
  2. I use Firestorm and I have had this problem for a while now. I wish I knew what to do about this because it makes me nuts LOL😋
  3. Check out Club Crash. It is a lesbian female only sim. I love this place and love the women there. They are so much fun and are very loving and kind. P.S. It is my adult avi, Targyn, that goes there and lives there. Definitely not little me😇
  4. Hello I just have a quick question will Linden Labs ever consider making second life more accessible to the visually impaired primarily the ability to enlarge the font size to a readable level for residents like me who are legally blind? Thank you for your time
  5. Check out Hark Knocks Elementary School. They not only have classes but extra activities such as cheerleading, dance, soccer, saddle club, etc... I go there and love it! Salym
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