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  1. OMG Talli this made me laugh sooo much hahahaha
  2. I am from the UK too, also would be cool to make friends, so message me in world
  3. All i have seen since the new forum is old posts, i commented on an old one, hadn't noticed to be honest But yeah might be cos of a lack of new posts, so it is regurgitating them
  4. You sound really cool, most of my friends are busy too, will IM you in world
  5. Aww so sad that your partner died :'( Like said above a pick as a tribute would be a lovely idea.
  6. Might be timezones, cos i keep meeting Europeans and fellow Brits lately Been on here a long time and i have noticed more from Austrailia too
  7. So you are saying the guy, cos he is shy should pay for an escort hahahaha
  8. I have been on sl almost 10 years, and it is mainly the last 6 months i have people asking me to voice verify myself (not great when my voice chat thing doesn't always work) but never had it in the past. People shouldn't be so hett up about what sex someone is in rl. It's meant to be an escapism. I have come across a lot of guys that play as girls, and it doesn't really bother me, as a lot of RPing games have guys playing as girls cos they have a better choice of clothes/customisation. Someone wanted me to chat with them on voice, the minute we met, but my voice thing was greyed out, so they removed me as a friend and that was that, i was like really! Rude.
  9. Yes Talli i was in a long relationship, and sometimes we arranged times, and i am married rl too.
  10. I love exploring and taking photos too and shopping hahahaha Will send you a notecard next time i am in game
  11. angeoco ooh good idea, i bought them grr lol oh well
  12. You were lucky then, no matter what i did i got a invisible foot lol, might be to do with sl viewers maybe, who knows.
  13. Oops it was early on in the forum so thought it was recent
  14. Another tip is click add and not wear, cos it can remove clothing or hair. I was in a boat, went to wear an oar and my top flew off, what was embarrassing, as i was i was in a boat with a guy lmao Highly recommend the slink feet too, as a lot of shoes that say they are for Maitreya don't work, you end up with an invisible foot lol. Ooh and in the folder with the shoes you can add hands and feet hud to add nail varnish It takes a good while to get the hang of the new mesh, but worth it. I don't have a mesh head as i love how my avi looks, i use one of the Noya skins and blend well with my mesh body Just back up your old avi incase anything goes weird when trying new skins/shapes too. Good luck and have fun shopping for new clothes and shoes
  15. Hi Ali i will message you online later, i restarted on this Avi last year (though i made her years ago) But we have similar interests, i like to sing also, and explore places, i love dancing too Like you i can be shy sometimes, but act like a loon others Oh i am in the UK.
  16. Might be less vague, if you put some of your interests down, so people with similar interests contact you
  17. Did you post this in the wrong section
  18. I got asked to be the 4th wife of a muslim he had like 30 lovers plus his wives i found out (busy guy) ......i thought it was pretty selfish. But it is unusual and not for everyone.
  19. Oooooh you can message me in world, if still looking for test bunnies, never done modelling, but would love to get into it, and model for you (i am in the UK, but time on SL varies, but i am on nights or early morning).
  20. Basically having a relationship set to time limits, is probably not gonna work, especially on SL when people have rl things come up, or can't get online cos of net problems etc. It can increase drama's too. Good luck on it though
  21. Aww congratulations, sometimes these forums pages work, and it is lovely to see
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