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  1. I meant to quote the pick, cos the pic is Boris Johnson......
  2. I just bought lands in Mainland, and wanted rid of the ugly yellow ban lines. I have a security orb (keeps saying disabled grr, but it is working). I have security cos when i was in a LL home, i had ban lines on, and people were moving my stuff, or rezzing items (even though i had it set to no build....go figure) But after my bed being levitated and turned around, the guy messaged me and said the LL homes have a gap in the security i was like woah! So now got an orb and i have my security set to 50 seconds and to nearest parcel, because i explore and due to lag spikes get propelled onto someones land, when trying to stay on a main road/waterway that is narrow. I recently bought a place near road 11, rode my horse down the path, got a lag spike, i tried to not go on their land, but next thing poof at home with my horse hahaha, Read the message...........you died, i thought in all my years on SL that is a first, bit extreme to me to be honest. But yeah i can see the fors and againsts. i remember years ago on my 1st avi, i was married, we had lands, we didn't put security, only on the house, but we made it private, after a few times i went on the lands and had people say i had no right there....it was my home lol One was trying to get into the house, and argued that the house was not mine, cos the land was in my SL Husbands name urgh, i just went to land settings, said you sure i don't have rights, and put the ban lines on poof think they found out i did have rights hehehe But if people weren't like that i wouldn't be so into having security. But it is my land i try to have respect both ways, and give people time to get their vehicle etc off the land without being poofed home, cos that is annoying as heck!
  3. I play Sims too! played since 2001!!! Got all of them too I kinda think my avi is a representative of me, but not a game, but i have a real life and an SL one and it is pretty balanced right now I try to treat people with respect in both worlds. Part of the attraction for me is as a kid i loved dress up dolls, now when i play Sims and on SL i am always changing clothes hehehe
  4. Actually Av Match isn't a total waste of time, cos i met my SL BF on it, we friend zoned each other for a year,(went to clubs, danced no romantic stuff) and then got together in May this year (exactly a year after we met But yeah it was a bit like sorting the wheat from the chaff hahaha. You do need truth in any relationship, i try to be like i am in rl, if you try to be something you aren't, well you just trip yourself up.
  5. I joined SL in 2007 (on a different avi) I remember a lot of people joined around that time, and i used to go to DDU (Duran Duran Universe) Was really great in it's hay day, now sadly you can go there and no one there at all. I know a lot from 2007 -2009 still log on, some every day , others now and then. A lot have new avis (like me updated this avi, and chose to make her my main) but a lot of the time you find out 'new' avi's aren't new at all, and maybe been floating around 10+ years I don't really take much notice of statistics, it depends where you go now, but i agree back then it was more about making friends, i had a hubby on here and we had lands so had fun working on that, but now a days it is more sexual orientated, might have always been rumbling under the surface, but now a days you can't type in beach without a ton of sex/bdsm places coming up hahaha I tend to explore lands, then when my SL BF gets on we go clubs/bars/ see live music. There are a lot of Blues/rock/80's places that are always packed then others that sadly have no one.
  6. I was just thinking of Johnny 5 from Short circuit hahaha then saw your post
  7. Laika i have seen you post on here, and you seem lovely, i am English and US men can't handle me lol, but yeah they don't get UK humour a lot of the time too. Men in general don't like women that stand up for themselves. I also stand up for myself too. Don't blame yourself, just be you, they should like you for the person you are, and not try to change you. If they don't like that, then they don't deserve your friendship hugs x
  8. I have never had a Second Life relationship to become a real life one. I am married in real life, they have a partner in real life too, and we always say real life comes first...no exceptions. If i was single and with someone single then that is different, but usually people are different in real life, to what they are on sl. My husband knows about second life, in fact he was the one said when i first went on sl, that if i wanted a boyfriend/hubby on it he didn't have a problem with it, as he worked away a lot. But i find it is people i meet on sl that can get a bit funny with me because i have a relationship on sl. I think it is up to the individual, everyone has their own rl/sl some keep all seperate, some don't. I just hate people judging. Also i hang out dancing or explore sl it isn't based on sex.......
  9. I totally get the people that are lonely on here, been on sl a long time, but i get times where i have loads of people to hang out with then it all goes poof, i spend a good chunk of my time alone, don't get me wrong, i like my own space sometimes, but when you log on and then log off cos you don't feel like you fit in anywhere it is hard.
  10. Sounds pretty fishy to me, no one has the right to have any such list (apart from Linden lab) Info like that is confidential, and anyone trying to get such a list is obviously wanting it to do something dodgy!
  11. I would love to but in the UK, so if one is don for my timezone i would be interested
  12. Since i wrote on here, we broke up a few days before we were meant to get married......we are now with other people, and i am with someone in my own timezone
  13. Well i said i gave up, i did till i met the guy i am with now, I am 8hrs ahead of him, so far it works, because he isn't vague, if he says he is coming onto sl he does (a 1st for me) we do offline messages, and only get to see each other properly 2/3 times in a week, but i am the happiest i have been on sl for a long time I have better balance with my rl life too. So all is tickety boo, i won't lie, it is still awkward at times, as i tend to stay up too late lol, but he is worth it, found my partner in crime
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