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  1. I am putting this here in case anyone else comes across this problem as I did. I believe I have found the cause. At least for now. It seems to have been folder stacking. Too deep in and things get jumbled, I guess. The way I had my folder set up was I had placed a new folder just for clothes near the top of my inventory, then I made sub folders for each outfit, and then made sub folders for each piece of clothing in that outfit. In case I wanted to mix and match. Here is an example: Clothing>Bikini>Top (bikini top in here)>Bottoms (bikini bottoms in here). So they were sta
  2. I got a new version of one of my tops and tried it. At first it seemed to work, but once I moved the top into the folder where I keep all my outfits, it defaulted back to the Top HUD slot. The cube defaulted to my hand, after trying it 30 times. Okay, well not 30, but close enough honestly >.< So it seems that getting a new delivery of the top only works when the item is in the original folder. When it's in there, it attaches correctly. Once I move it, copy and move it, or anything else, it will start to default to the incorrect position. For now I am goi
  3. Certain pieces of mesh clothing, mostly tops (shirts, sweaters, and the like) default attach to my HUD *****s, and not my body slots. So I go to put on a shirt, do the ol' right click, and select Add, and 9.5 times out of ten it will attach to the Top HUD slot. This, as you can imagine, causes me quite a few problems. Like, big problems involving me turning up in public sims fully dressed on my screen, but topless to everyone else. I've been able to work around it for the most part. Remembering to select Attach to and then selecting a proper spot for it to go. It's annoying, but has work
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